Friday Favorites of April 18

18 Apr

We’re in a bit of a nostalgic mood today. Cardtorial’s very first big holiday season was Mother’s Day of 2012, and with Mother’s Day just around the corner, we feel like this is our two-year anniversary mark. Can you believe that this is our third year of handling Mother’s Day as a stationery maker? And that we’re entering our third year in business? Wow!

♥ Tanamachi Studio‘s “Flourish” video is so cool and inspirational. Sometimes, our work seems to be so small and endless, but it really pays off in the end.

♥ “How to Market Your Business Through Instagram” is a great reference post for businesses that are just starting out on the social media platform.

♥ The Great Disappointment shared an amazing resource on Twitter this week: Typekit Practice. Even if you don’t have a program, the site lets you practice typography!

♥ Mashable previews Google’s new designs for its modular smartphones. I still can’t quite wrap my head around this…

♥ Happy Easter weekend! This is the last Easter-themed we’ll share this year, promise :Pnaturally dyed Easter eggs!

Cardtorial’s Collaborative Project Interview

15 Apr

Remember the hints we’ve been dropping about something big in the works involving Cardtorial? We weren’t able to reveal the big news last week because of some delays, but we’re ready to give away another hint about this exciting endeavor! This hint’s a big one — it’s actually this entire blog post!

Cardtorial is a part of an upcoming collaborative project. Yvonne recently did an interview for the project, and we have it right here!


When did you start Cardtorial and Why?

I’ve always loved business and thought being an entrepreneur would be pretty exciting. I was always on the lookout for interesting products to create or business ideas to pursue. When I had the idea to make these fun and unique wood cards, it was as if the stars were aligned.  The process was relatively straightforward, I had a friend who taught me how to create them, and the prototypes were cute! It grew pretty organically from there.  We made our first card in early 2012, ran a Kickstarter campaign later that year, and have continued to grow from there!

Where are you based?

We started the business in San Francisco and we’re now in Southern California.

What techniques do you use/what is your process for developing products?

We make all our products in house using a laser-cutter!  Prior to starting Cardtorial, I had no exposure to this machine and I’m always amazed at the wonderfully creative and downright awesome things people are able to create with laser cutters.

I do a good deal of our design (all of it in the early days) but we have increasingly been collaborating with other artists.  I love how collaboration has allowed Cardtorial to really expand it’s appeal and create amazing products we wouldn’t have been able to create otherwise.  We are always pushing to explore new styles and formats. Getting to a successful final product is always a process of trial, error and / or refinement and we’re not afraid to try new things — the limiting factor is usually time!


How would you define your brand’s style?

Charming, cute, fun, and wooden!

What are your bestsellers?

Plenty of Fish in the Sea (pictured above). This was one of our very first cards and has stood the test of time.  Because our cards have a certain amount of permanence to them (being crafted from wood and all), people tend to buy them for their most beloved and our “love” category has proven to be incredibly popular year round.  Whether you’re shopping for Mom, a significant other, or your best friend, you somehow know it’s something that they’ll hang on to and cherish.

Our Amazing Things Will Happen Journal proves to be the perfect dose of positivity and inspiration.

One of my favorite new products, that has been an all-around hit is the Dear Little One Wood Print. It’s sweet, it’s beautiful, and would make a thoughtful gift to celebrate the arrival of a new baby or the perfect touch in the nursery.

What new products are you most excited about?

We introduced our journals toward the end of last year and debuted our wood prints at the beginning of this year.  We’ve gotten such a great response to these products from both consumers and stores.  As a result, we are working hard to not only expand those collections but also explore other related lifestyle products.  A number of products are in the works and we’re hoping to launch them for the summer trade show season.

To learn more about Cardtorial, visit us at our website here, or check out InstagramTwitter or Facebook!

Can’t wait to find out what this collaborative project is all about? Follow us on social media and subscribe to this blog — as soon as the team makes this project public, we’ll let y’all know!

Friday Favorites of April 11

11 Apr

Good morning, everyone! Things are getting busy again on our end, so our big announcement has been put off… but don’t worry, we do have some great news! We’re getting ready to roll out some new designs for Father’s Day!! We have a few sketches ready, but we just need to clean up the designs a bit before testing them on cardboard. Speaking of new designs, have you seen our new Mother’s Day ones?

photo (4) EDITED

♥ “The Found Art of Thank You Notes” by the New York Times strikes home for us in the stationery industry.

♥ We knew colors important, but Social Marketing Writing claims that colors can be used to help your marketing efforts. What do you think?

♥ Do you want to break into the paper industry? “Getting Started in the Stationery Industry” by Nole of Oh So Beautiful Paper gives you the rundown with just five tips.

♥ Though spring just started, my desk’s getting a bit cluttered. If yours is too, get inspired by Chapter Friday’s gallery of beautifully organized desks.

♥ Are you ready for Easter? Here’s a crafty way to entertain this year by Sugarplum!

Friday Favorites of April 4

4 Apr

Hello friends! Here in the OC, we just experienced our first April showers of the year. We know plenty of you experience rain all the time, but it’s always (maybe just usually) a pleasant surprise here in Southern California!

Remember last Friday when we mentioned that we’re a part of something that’s launching very, very soon? Well make that a SUPER soon, because we’re well on our way to making the big announcement next week. Any guesses to what the big announcement’s about? Comment and we’ll tell you if you’re in the ballpark!

Solar-powered watches that require no maintenance. We think it’s cool, but what do you think? Too tacky?

♥ Aaron Hurst suggests that we can learn a thing or two from Tesla on how to create a purpose economyDo you think we’ve moved past the experience economy and into a purpose economy?

♥ French toast is wonderful. But french toast sticks? Perfect.

Is it worth it to pay Facebook to reach a larger audience? Aeolidia experiments, and says no.

♥ We have a dream, and it looks a little like this. This studio tour of These Are Things motivates us and gives us a glimpse of what could be in our future.

Happy Birthday, Mama Leung!

1 Apr


It’s April 1st, April Fool’s Day, and my mama’s birthday!

Mama plays a pivotal role for Cardtorial.  She stuffs, packs, makes, cuts, organizes, orders, binds & generally, makes stuff happen!

2014-03-28 12.58.41-2 (1)


2014-04-01 00.26.40

Left: Parents & Me at our first show! Right: Mom hard at work (cutting wire for journals at our kitchen table) Center: Family picture for our parents’ birthday celebration

Mama Leung got to spend some time with the family this weekend and it was wonderful. I hope this year is one of the best yet. :)

Oh. In honor of mama, order any Mother’s Day card this week and receive 20% off your entire purchase with code (HBDMAMA).




Friday Favorites of March 28

28 Mar

We’re on our last week of March! There’s one big piece of news I’ve been holding onto, but it’s time to make an official announcement: we will NOT be going to NSS this year. Cardtorial will be a part of something super cool that is launching very, very soon though — more news on that to come! We wish all our friends the best of luck preparing for the show in May. You’re all gonna rock!

How has this month been for you? We’d love to hear about it!

♥ “How Small Businesses Can Get Products into Campus Stores
Business Week gives some advice on how small businesses can find a large consumer base by selling products in campus stores. Would you consider this retail route?

♥ “3 Myths About Keeping Your Startup a Secret
We’ve all heard that sharing our projects and being transparent are good traits. Still have reservations? The Next Web will take on your lingering doubts.

♥ “Dress Your Tech/42
Design Love Fest’s “Dress Your Tech” series features up-and-coming artists, while at the same time offering her readers a few free, exclusive downloadable wallpapers from the spotlighted designer! This week, she highlights the lovely work of Elise Pescheret.

♥ “Marbled Easter Egg Tutorial
You don’t have to give up painting Easter eggs just because you’re an adult!

♥ “MAKE: DIY Painted Watercolor Mug
Dress up a plain white porcelain mug with a simple how-to! We promise it’ll help you relax and be productive.

What are your favorite articles from this week? If it’s not in our round up, we’ll be sure to check it out!

What Does Spring Mean To You?

25 Mar


Like we’ve been saying, this season’s a time for renewal and refreshment for us. March in particular is a lot more quiet than our other months, so we’ve spent the time catching up on some orders, recovering from the busy season, thinking about our big goals and how we’re going to get there, and exercising our creativity.

There are a lot of exciting developments in the works, and we’ve only mentioned two: new designs and the next voting series. Can you believe there’s actually more?! A year ago, we never thought we would be where we are now — it’s all so exciting!!

What does this season mean to you? Is it full of April showers, or full of Spring bloom?


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