A Very NYNOW Summer Weekend

26 Aug

We’re officially all settled back into the groove of things after getting back from New York. Since we couldn’t bring all of you to the big show with us, we thought we’d give a quick photo recap of Cardtorial’s new home at the show with Karen Alweil Studio!

Cardtorial NY Now wood stationery

Here’s our spot! We’ve got a selection of bestsellers across all categories up on the walls (which is never easy to decide).  We always come with new products so what you see on the walls is only a portion of our entire collection.    My favorite part? The oh-so-cute (and also oh-so-fragile) hot pink laser cut category signs!

Cardtorial at NYNOW

I only snapped a few pics on my last day there. Typical Yvonne.

Loved meeting Rare Rabbit — the rabbits love wood too and specialize in wood jewelry + lifestlye goods. It was my first time seeing their stuff — they are an Aussie company making their way to the states.

What a cool way of showing off their knobs.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Beautiful bedding & pillows from Allem Studio.  I spotted them in the showroom and couldn’t get over those pillows!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Overall, our new NYNOW home was really beautiful and eye-catching. Karen’s team does a killer job with display and merchandising.  There were lots of colors, shapes and styles housed in one gorgeous spot — it looks effortless.

Special thanks to the teams behind Karen Alweil Studio and NYNOW — it was an awesome show!! And thank you to everyone who came by in New York. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

We’re thinking about doing a post on the differences of doing a trade show with a showroom / rep versus doing one on your own.  What aspects would you be interested in learning about (if any)?

Also, Etsy Wholesale was a new section that debuted this show.  It was in the hallway from the main pavillion to the handmade section. It looked KILLER and I was so impressed with how that came together, too. I hope it went wonderfully for all the vendors there. :)



Friday Favorites, 8/22

22 Aug

It’s (pretty much) the weekend!!! What fun stuff are you up to?

Quick updates from the Cardtorial team:
– Yvonne’s back in Los Angeles now and had a great time in New York for NYNOW. More on that soon!
– Elizabeth just signed up for a workshop with Sonja Rasula at The Unique Space in downtown LA! Will she be seeing you there?

Now onto our favorite part of Fridays…

- A genuine “thank you” can go a long way, so how do you go about using one to develop a long-term relationship with a potential client/customer? This article presents 3 ways to make an impact simply by saying thanks.

- For those of you who haven’t done your trade show yet, here are 7 great tips that will help you get the most out of exhibiting at a trade show! (Even if you’re a veteran, these tips are still pretty nifty.)

- We’re into all things wood, so you can imagine how much we love these cool wooden tech accessories! Can you believe that they have a wood keyboard? AND a wood trackpad?!

- Listen to this: 9-ingredient no-bake peanut butter cup vegan cheesecake. Are you drooling yet? Here’s the magical recipe!

Behind the Scenes: the Making of our LA Print

19 Aug

At Renegade Craft Fair: LA last month, we debuted our brand new Los Angeles print! We’ve been making more seasonal, location-specific cards and are really happy with how the LA print turned out :) Los Angeles wood print design

Just like with our San Francisco print, we worked with Anna (@xheart on Instagram!) on our LA design.

Fun fact: Yvonne found Anna through Instagram and reached out to her, hoping she’d be interested in working with us — can you believe our luck?! Yvonne especially loved the loops in Anna’s designs and wanted to bring them to life as Cardtorial goods!

Developing a new design always takes time and good communication. Yvonne and Anna went through a couple of drafts to perfect their mutual vision for the print.

LA print design


To reduce the number of cluttering loops in the design, “I’m Yours” was shifted and rewritten to look more clean-cut. Anna’s hand lettering skills are seriously amazing!

Cardtorial lasercut Los Angeles

Before lasercutting it on a fresh sheet of wood, we took the new design on a test drive. Yvonne darkened up the lines a bit from Anna’s design to really make the typography stand out against the wood.

LA Lasercut Wood Print Cardtorial


Tada — the final version of our new Los Angeles print lasercut into its very own 8″ by 10″, 1/8″ thick wood slab!!

Interested in owning your very own Los Angeles real wood print? Leave a comment and we’ll let you know how to get your very own! :)


Friday Favorites, 8/15

15 Aug

It’s NYNOW weekend! Yvonne is in The Big Apple again for the big show, so wish her luck!

- The wedding stationery you want vs. the wedding stationery you actually need — The Knot is here to help!

- We found a pretty nifty infographic all about the alchemy of one of our favorite drinks, tea (: What’s your favorite brew?

- Attn. artist friends: Minted + Domino are hosting an art contest that you should definitely check out!

- Cool down and relax with a peaches and whiskey ice cream float this weekend! Even if you have to omit the alcohol, it’ll be pretty darn tasty.

- Forbes predicts that predictive marketing will be essential to the duties of CMOs of the future. Do you agree?

Friday Favorites, 8/8

8 Aug

This week, we’ve been focused on getting a few big shipments out before packing up and heading to New York. NYNOW, one of our biggest trade shows of the year, starts in a little over a week! In case you haven’t heard of trade shows: it’s basically an event for businesses (like Cardtorial and Rifle Paper Co.) to sell products to other businesses. Buyers from large businesses (like Target and Anthropologie) or even small boutiques (like Urbanic) go to trade shows to find products to sell in their shops.

VSCO Cardtorial NY NOW

Yvonne taking shots for our NYNOW summer mailer!


And yes, Yvonne took the shots for them all by herself!! We ordered about 500 or so, and got all of them mailed out this week. Though most of the legwork for NYNOW has been done, we’re still feeling some pre-show jitters. Wish us luck, please!

Sidenote: don’t worry, we’ll show off our mailers on Facebook soon!! ;)

- We’re completely in love with Oh So Beautiful Paper’s newest monthly column: desktop downloads! What’s not to love about fresh, beautiful and usable illustrations?

- This past Monday, we featured Sheryl Sandberg’s inspirational TEDTalk. Design*Sponge rounded up some of her favorite motivational videos as well that speak to the creativity in all of us.

- Think that big businesses have the advantage over small businesses when it comes to hiring? Think again!

- Need to relief from the summer heat? Try making a chai latte popsicle at home — it’s delicious and cool!

Sheryl Sandberg on Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders

5 Aug

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg has been a big hit in many big corporations and the business world overall. Sandberg’s TED talk is just as great, because it’s what started Lean In and it condenses her argument into three succinct points.

Not only does her TED talk bring to surface a problem that is hardly talked about, but it confronts it and proves why the issue is important to discuss. We especially love how the insights she draws from her experiences in big companies are just as applicable to small businesses like Cardtorial!

What do you think of her talk?

Friday Favorites, 8/1

1 Aug

Happy first day of August! This past month was full of shows, sunshine and traveling. We loved seeing many of your lovely faces in person, and were overwhelmed with all your love and support. Thank you so much!!

- “Multitasking is the dumbest thing you can do.” It sounds harsh, but this article explains points out that you really need to stop multitasking if you want to be productive.

- Need a pick-me-up today? Here are gifs of the 11 most adorable animals with hiccups — I promise it’ll make you smile!

- Do you schedule social media posts? This breakdown of the state of social media scheduling may surprise you.

- Make a fun craft over the weekend: a DIY watermelon favor! This is the perfect gift for guests at your next dinner party.


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