Cardtorial Celebrating Lisa’s Birthday!

It was my dear friend Lisa’s birthday and I wanted to make her the perfect little card.  Her (and her roomie Laura) display all their fun holiday cards / wedding invites / postcards on their fridge and my goal is always to make it up there.  I was pretty impressed with my Christmas card for them, but hopefully this was a step up.

She was 100% the inspiration behind the card pictured below. She has an abnormal obsession with killer whales (it seems easiest to design for people who really love certain things).  Maybe a bit on the cheesy side, but if anybody could appreciate cheesy, it may be her.  I do hope she had a truly wonderful day with her friends.  I’m actually hoping she’ll take a picture with her card and smiling face so I can post it below.  For now, you’ll have to settle for this.

Killer Whale: "Have a Killer Birthday!"



(visit the shop at


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