Cardtorial Mini Launch!

View the newsletter in all it’s glory here.  (Pictures, formatting, and all)

Hello, Friends!

(& family!)
I wanted to share with you something I’ve been working on — it’s called cardtorial.  Some of you have heard about it; some of you haven’t.  Either way, I hope you enjoy my card-making project!

I’ve designed and produced a line of wooden greeting cards / wedding invitations.  I would love your support as I continue to grow this project.  Support, could be as simple as a post/like on the cardtorial facebook page, blog comment, or could be something more involved.  If you are interested in being involved in some way, let me know — I would really love it. 🙂

 You’re special.

This is an e-mail to a small group of people, whom I thought may appreciate an update on what I’ve been up to. I thought I would have 50 or so of you special people in my life — not so.  Maybe it’s time for me to make some more friends!  Regardless, I’m reaching out to a small group of you now; once I have a little more experience, I can unveil to the world. haha.  Right now, this kinda serves as the perfect excuse to say hello and get in touch.

Contact Info Please!! (Lost all my numbers. Whoops.)

A couple weeks ago, I accidentally wiped my phone of all content.  I know I had texted a bunch of you for addresses, but now they’re lost.  If you could please respond with your phone number / mailing address, I’ll (a) have you back in my phone and (b) can make you part of my (snail) mail test (very important)!

What is Cardtorial up to specifically?

I’ve been working really hard on designing & producing.  I joined a studio which gives me access to some pretty sick machines, including the laser cutter I’m using to make these cards. I’m planning to be more active in selling my products (stores, fairs, Etsy, etc.) but before I do so, I want to get feedback from you. 🙂
(1) Likes: Favorites?  Likes?
(2) BlogStay up to speed, learn more on the blog (  Post, ask questions, do whatever.
(3) Pinterest/Facebook/Twitter: I’m learning the ropes of social networking.  If you want to follow, I’m on all of these (just look up cardtorial).  Also, let me know if you’re on so I can find you too!
(4) Stores/Fairs: Any ideas on stores that would be great to talk to (LA or SF or anywhere, really)?  I don’t have a car and I don’t really get around that much. Any fairs I should have on my radar (I’m totally going to do Renegade)?  For example, I want to bring the bike ones to local bike stores.  And I REALLY want to do one for Swan Oyster.
(5) And of course, if you never need a card, you have a bespoke card maker at your fingertips!  Actually…not really bespoke.  My skills are somewhat limited.  I’m sure I’m working at about 10% efficiency in terms of designing (I’m still using Paint to do a lot of my editing).  I have some cute ones for mama’s day!
(6) Other Ideas: I’m also interested in doing menus & macbooks!  If you know anybody that needs a menu or has an unwanted macbook (one of the silver ones — I just want the cover, really) let me know.

That’s all folks.

I would love to hear about how you’re doing. I hope all is well & wonderful! 🙂



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