Shipping Cardtorial Cards!

Cardtorial is offering direct shipping to your loved ones!  Shipping is $1.95 based on USPS first-class mail (includes $1.95 postage and protective cardboard inserts).

If you choose to mail cards on your own, postage will be $0.65 – $1.95 depending on your method of shipping.  Please note, shipping is based on USPS first class mail.

(1) $1.95 (First Class Package)
Customers can drop off directly in mailbox. Protective cardboard inserts recommended for maximum product protection.

(2) $0.65 ($0.45 standard + $0.20 nonmachineable surcharge) Customers must have cards hand-canceled to guarantee “hand-sorting” and the avoidance of sorting machines.   At the post office, you can simply ask to have the card hand cancelled (or hand-sorted) at no additional charge.  Bride-to-be’s do this all the time for wedding invitations.




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