Unique LA Debrief!

Hi all!

As many of you heard, Unique LA was last week (Mother’s Day weekend) and Cardtorial made its in-person crafting debut.  I’m happy to report the show was a total hit!  We met some fellow crafters, a number of interesting (and interested) bloggers, and last but not least, so many enthusiastic shoppers!  

The show definitely wouldn’t have been as enjoyable (or successful) if not for my wonderful friends & family.  Without you, there would have been no bathroom breaks, food to eat, or comforting familiar faces.  Thank you for helping me through the weekend.  I actually had to duck out early for a flight (to Australia!) on Sunday afternoon.  I want to offer my mama a huge thank you for manning the Cardtorial booth. She was definitely out of her element but managed beautifully. 😛


Lessons learned:

— People LOVED loved the business cards.  I have to admit, they’re lookin’ pretty spiffy! 


— Definitely need a more sturdy table display.  My wobbly cake stands probably are probably not going to make the cut for future shows.  People create practical displays for a reason.

— Square is awesome so long as you have robust wireless.

— Great data points on which cards were popular, how much inventory to make, basic dynamics of a show.  

I’ll post more pictures in the coming week.  They’re currently trapped on my digital camera.


2 thoughts on “Unique LA Debrief!

  1. I discovered your collection of cards and postcards at UniqueLA and am in love with your concept of using natural materials with designs laser-cut to an elegant precision. As an interiors and graphics enthusiast and designer, I can definitely appreciate your art. I’m curious to hear the inspiration behind Cardtorial. Keep up the good work!

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