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Hi all!  

Cardtorial is having it’s first online sale today withSneakPeeq.  They’ve encouraged me to be social and share it with all my friends. The sale went live at 10am Friday.


If you happen to be roaming around facebook this morning (which I hope you are) and would like to “peek” it (as they say), that would be great. SneakPeeq is one of the up and coming social e-commerce sites.  One of the sales reps found me at UniqueLA.  I’m so eager to test out this market. They’ll also give me facebook and twitter posts so it’ll be an active Cardtorial day — hopefully one of many more to come! 😉
(one downside. you have to sign in to your fb so people can see it)

UniqueLA Debrief 
It seems like such a long time ago but last time I had emailed y’all was to tell you about my first show!  I’m happy to say Cardtorial was well-received by bloggers, fellow crafters, and most importantly, the customers!  With 350 crafters on one floor, the event did not lack things to look at.  Some might even describe it as entirely overwhelming.  It was awesome to see all the “legit” vendors.  It offered me some great inspiration for future shows!  People went nuts for the business cards (I was practically cleaned out).  Bottom line, I’m going to continue to look for interesting shows to do and am hoping to move into wholesale / trade shows (eventually).

Thank you to everybody for stopping by (and dragging your significant others)!  Specifically, Seyou & Saam, Gully & Gabe, Dara, Jeff & Jen, Brandon, Garrett, and BY’s mama.  Special shout-out to my dad, BY, and most especially my mama.  This crew helped me set up, clean up, and even held down the fort while I ran off to the airport.  My mom actually manned the booth herself for a good couple hours (imagine Mama Leung selling these wood cards — kind of funny if you know my mom).

Happy happy June.  See you all soon!


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