Selina’s Birthday!

Hi all!

Been a while since my last post.  Lots of updates that I’ve been doing a less than stellar job of keeping up to date on. I think the task of recapping seemed daunting so I’m simply avoided it.  Going to start fresh, with today!

Last January I began tutoring a girl through the YMCA.  Her name is Selina.  She’s on summer break and will be starting 4th grade next week.  I remember when I first met her, I could barely get her to utter a word.  Oh, how things have changed — sometimes I’m amazed at how chatty this once silent child can be.  Oh.  And she definitely doesn’t hold back when it comes to asking me personal questions.  Today’s hot question was — ‘When are you getting married?’ and ‘Are you inviting me to your wedding?’  She must know something I don’t.  Today was Selina’s birthday so it was a perfect excuse for a fun outing!

Selina (left) and Tina, her younger sister (right)

We walked from their home to the ferry building (not a short walk!) where we were headed for some grub.

Tina holding a delicious-looking heirloom tomato. They picked up about 5 of these and each time asked me if it was a tomato (I guess they can be odd-looking).

They had some wagon wheel from Cowgirl Creamery (they totally loved it), picked up some Delica, grabbed a shake and fries from Gott’s before picking up yogurt and heading to the library. And of course, what kind of birthday would it be without a card.

Grubbin’ at Gott’s!

They had so much fun they’re already planning my birthday outing for October (and Tina’s in January). 😛






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