And we’re back!!!

Hi All!

It’s been dormant on the blog for a little bit simply because we’ve been pouring all our updates into our kickstarter campaign!

Here’s the latest on the campaign (also known as, Update #4).

(1) We did it! 322 backers and $12,500+ raised!

Our kickstarter campaign is officially closed and we’re more than fully funded. Wahoo!  It’ll take a couple weeks for pledges to actually go through (they’re held in escrow by Amazon and will be processed shortly).

(2) Thank you!

I’ve said it before. And i’ll say it again. Thank you — it means a lot to me to have you as early supporters. Without you, this venture would not be happening (and I’m so thankful that it is)!

(3) Now what?

  • Website! This week, I will prepare the website for you! That means, unwiring it from the kickstarter campaign to allow you to select your cards freely.
  • Debut the Holiday Collection! Many of you had made requests for holiday cards as part of your packages. Well, they’ve been designed, some of them have been previewed on our instagram and facebook pages and very soon, they will be going up on the website! I’ve also included a handful at the bottom of our update.
  • Order your Cards!  I will e-mail each of you with a unique coupon code. You can use your coupon code to “shop” in the online store, choose your cards (and extras if applicable), and enter in shipping information. Coupon codes will be distributed within the next week or two.

(4) and Finally…

the fun begins! I’m beginning to work on cards and will continue to do so as (a) the website is being revamped and (b) I’m waiting for your orders to come in.  I’ve temporarily rented time on a fellow techshopper’s laser until I’ve selected and installed my very own. I didn’t want the couple months it takes to purchase/install to delay cards getting into your (and your loved ones’) hands.

I’ll continue to keep you posted on the project via these updates. If you would like more frequent updates, please feel free to follow us on the blog and on facebook, where we’ll be posting much more frequently. Please feel free to reach out with any of your questions or comments.  I love feedback!



More minor updates:

Cardtorial was featured in Daily Candy yesterday!  You can check out the article here!

We were also featured in Urban Air Market’s promo video from our show last month.  I’ve included some of the snapshots below.

and…some holiday card previews!  I’ve also included an admittedly poor snapshot of some cards on the mini easels so you can get a sense for how mini these easels are. 🙂 Image-168719-fullImage-168720-fullImage-168721-fullImage-168722-fullImage-168723-fullImage-168724-fullImage-168725-fullImage-168726-full


One thought on “And we’re back!!!

  1. Greetings from England. I love your stuff, just discovered it on etsy and fascinated to hear about your journey via here. I do wood burning myself but using the old method. Do have a gander at my stuff if you’re interested. Claire.

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