We were madly working over the holidays to prep for our biggest event to date. Our first trade show!
So…what exactly is a trade show?  It’s an event for businesses to sell their products to other businesses. Buyers from stores large (think Target/Bloomingdales) to small (neighborhood boutiques) attend trade shows to get their shop on and place orders.  This show, the New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF) is quite large and a spot on the floor is $$$$. We needed to put our best foot forward.


Think of the trade show as a kind of a mini pop-up shop. You’re provided with nothing, not even the walls!  We had to figure out a way to design, build, and ship a small, cute store to a convention center in New York.


After months of planning and lots of late nights we set off for New York to meet some wonderful new stores!

Below is the evolution of our booth:

Crate filled with walls / furniture

Ginormous Crate.

Slow (and messy!) emptying of crate / assembly of booth
Setting up.  Quite a mess.
Luckily…help was on its way!!
(Lifesavers, Bryan and Matt, pictured below).
Most efficient booth assembler ever.
This is actually after the show.  Matt worked some SERIOUS magic and got everything to fit into the crate!

And after a hard day full of manual labor….voilà!!!

A lot of people will warn you that trade shows aren’t necessarily about making money right off the bat.  It’s not unheard of to make a significant investment and (like many business ventures) not come close to recouping your costs.  I did my best to temper expectations.  We had both busy and less exciting times in our booth but in the end, it was well worth the investment in time and money.  It was far from easy but I can step into the next one with so much more confidence!

More tangibly…we can also now proudly say we’re carried in 30 stores across the nation (and Canada)! Some stores to note include the gift shops at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (MCA) and Museum of Arts and Design (MAD Museum) in Manhattan.
We’ll be posting a full list of all our brick and mortar stores on our website in the coming month.

A special shout out to our friends who made it out to Javits (in the freezing cold weather) to show their support!  I was SO thrilled to see you there!! 




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