Unique LA Holiday Show

Thank you for having us this weekend, Unique LA! It’s always such a fun show and, in true LA fashion, filled with celebrity sightings (J.J. Abrams and Skyler from Breaking Bad)! It’s also a great place to get inspired by wonderful artists & creatives.

For those of you able to make it, we loved being able to show off the new goods in person — including dozens of holiday cards, journals, and wood prints.  Something for everyone!

We’re working on a mailer for those that joined our mailing list at the show; if you signed up, look out for your confirmation (and coupon codes soon)!

It’s always fun to get our shop on too.  Our loot from the show includes necklaces from our neighbors, Homako and Upper Metal Class. Also snagged some pickles from Hattie’s Pickles.  Their booth is always so packed, I’m glad I made out with some pickles this year!  Already half way through my Vampire Slayers. 🙂

If you got to check out Unique LA this holiday season, we hope you had as much fun as we did.  Can you believe the view from the building?!


No UniqueLA complete without an OhSnap photo!
No UniqueLA complete without an OhSnap photo!  Thanks for indulging me, Pei.

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