We’re Getting Ready for Christmas!

December has been super busy for us this year, especially with all the holiday shows on top of crafting all our goods! With Unique LA and Renegade LA down, we’re scrambling to get ready for Renegade SF this weekend and prepping for the NY NOW show in February. We’ve hardly had enough time to do our own holiday shopping!

Luckily for us, the past couple of craft shows featured a wide variety of quality vendors. We already showed y’all a few goodies in our round-ups for Unique LA and Renegade LA this year, but here are a few more:

Upper left: I bought four of the Moisturizing Body Truffles after trying out their orange sherbet “Scrub-2-Go.” Though you’d think my hands would be dried out from the scrub, it was actually very moisturizing and smelled delicious! Now I have black raspberry vanilla, mango sorbet, oatmeal milk & honey, and lavender luxury truffles wrapped up and ready to gift to my friends! Talk about some sweet treats 😉 !

Lower left: Richard uses concrete and unique pieces of upcycled ceramic to make every pot. These succulents are easy to maintain (he advised everyone to water it once every two weeks) — perfect for an absent-minded person like me! Mine is currently sitting next to my laptop, and I don’t think I’ll be gifting it away. Whoops!

Right: This beautiful, rustic antique key ring is another gift to myself (I promise that I AM giving my friends and family gifts as well!). Goat & Kettle were so friendly — they invited me to stay for as long as I’d like, and even try on every single ring! Though I considered taking them up on that offer, it only took me five minutes to find this charming treasure. Just look at the adorable heart!

Look at all the goodies we’ve gotten so far from these wonderful craft shows! Pictures are worth a thousand words, and these are definitely enough to show how great of a time we’ve been having these past few weeks. We’ve met so many wonderful people and found such great work — it’s totally worth all the work that goes into boothing at these events!

With that said, Cardtorial is wishing you the merriest, jolliest, and happiest of holidays ♥ ! We hope you have fun with your friends and family celebrating this wondrous season. And if you have any holiday stories you’d like to share with us (about prepping for the season, craft shows, or anything else at all), we’re all ears!

Happy Cardtorial Holidays 2013 orig size

Cheers (:


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