13 Landmarks from 2012 & 2013

From its initial conception in 2012, Cardtorial has had quite a journey! Since January is all about reflecting on our past and projecting our future, we thought it would be fun to share with you a timeline of our company’s lifetime. After all, we wouldn’t be where we are now without everything we’ve gone through!

Introducing Cardtorial, 2012 through 2013:


We’ve noted the major milestones for us in the timeline, but there’s more to every story.

– We decided to make wood cards and purchased Adobe Illustrator in January of 2012! This is the program we use to design all our products. I was much more of an excel monkey than an illustrator queen, so it was definitely a wobbly start
– February of 2012 marks the month we designed our very first card: an eye chart! We have several eye charts — mainly because they’re in such high demand!
– We got into our very first store in April of 2012, a major milestone for us. Now we’re in stores all across the states and all around the world!
– We debuted at our very first retail show in May of 2012. Our in-person debut at Unique LA was such a fun experience — we can almost feel all the first-show adrenaline coming back to us. You can read more about it here!
– In August of 2012, we hopped on a plane headed to New York for NY NOW. We wanted to see if that was the right step for us. We weren’t 100% sure if it was the best decision (at the time) but decided to dive right in and start exhibiting at trade shows! In hindsight, we couldn’t be happier with the decision.
– October of 2012 was another huge milestone for us because we successfully funded our very own Kickstarter campaign! Capacity had gotten too tight on other lasers and now that we knew we wanted to go to trade shows, we had to have the equipment to back us up.  Our early supporters were amazing, helping us raise more than $12,800! It was all we could talk about here in October.
– We exhibited at our very first trade show in January of 2013, NY NOW. Getting ready for it was pretty hard, but it definitely paid off in the end! Find out more here.
– February of 2013 was an exciting time for us! We went to Tradeshow Bootcamp to learn more about the art of trade shows. It was such a fantastic experience! During this month, I fully transitioned out of my corporate gig — Cardtorial or bust!
– We packed up our bags and moved to Southern California in April of 2013. It’s such a change of scenery!- By August of 2013, we doubled our collection of cards, proudly added our dog cards (featured last month by the L.A. Times) and journals to the mix! Right in time for our third and final trade show of the year, NY NOW.
– In November of 2013, we worked with Aeolidia to revamp our logo and website.  They did such a lovely job, you can see their work and before/after shots on their blog!
– We closed out December of 2013 with shows every weekend right through the holidays. It was a killer schedule but awesome to be in demand.  Thank you for your support throughout the year. 🙂

We’re excited to see what 2014 will bring to us and our friends. Are you ready?


6 thoughts on “13 Landmarks from 2012 & 2013

    1. Thank you so much, Queenie! Have you heard of Tradeshow Bootcamp? It’s a really great resource for stationery exhibitors and is really geared toward NSS. Highly recommended. A lot of stationers (Sass & Peril, Dingbat, Wild Ink, Pistachio Press) have wonderful write-ups on their experiences at NSS as well. It’s wonderful that you’re going though — no better way to learn than to do!

      1. I have! I wish there was an event in Toronto but they’re not holding any webinars prior to NSS this time. My first tradeshow and it’s the biggest one I’ll ever be a part of… what was I thinking!? I’ll look up the blogs, that helps a lot! Thanks, Yvonne 🙂

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