Love Card Showdown: Round #1 Winners!

Round one of our “Which is your pick?” love card showdown has officially ended! Thank you all for voting in our first series ever. We really appreciate all your input and support! After all, we wouldn’t have our winners if you guys didn’t help vote (:

Out of a grand total of 24 love cards, we have 12 winners from round one! Here’s a snapshot of this first round of competition:

Round 1

– Penguin Love (3) vs. I Carry Your Heart (1)
– Plenty of Fish in the Sea (9) vs. Pho-Tastic (1)
– Entirely Amazing Eye Chart (2) vs. The Fox from The Little Prince (1)
– Bicycle with You (3) vs. Life Candy (2)
– Float my Boat (3) vs. Do What Bunnies Do (2)
– Your Smiling Face (0) vs. Happy Anniversary (2)
– Je T’aime (0) vs. Come Fly Away (3)
– Oh So Wonderful (5) vs. Favorite Person in the World (2)
– Head Over Heels (6) vs. I Love You (4)
– Eyes Only for You (1) vs. To One Person (2)
– Key to My Heart (8) vs. Valentine’s Day Wreath (0)
– Hearts! (1) vs. Raining Hearts (7)

Watching these winners emerge has been so much fun for us. We can’t wait to see your picks for round two!


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