Love Card Showdown: Round #2 Winners!

We’re completely done with round two of our “Which is your pick?” love card showdown!

Round 2

Out of 12 cards, we’ve narrowed your favorites down to six! Here the breakdown of all the votes we’ve tallied:

  • Penguin Love (4) vs. Plenty of Fish (5)
  • Entirely Amazing Eye Chart (4) vs. Bicycle with You (0)
  • Key to My Heart (4) vs. Raining Hearts (10)
  • Head Over Heels (1) vs. To One Person (5)
  • Oh So Wonderful (4) vs. Happy Anniversary (0)
  • Come Fly Away (4) or Float My Boat (2)

We will put up the first of our three semi-finalists on Tuesday, so be on the lookout for that! Voting for round three will end on Sunday at noon. We’re beyond excited to see who you pick as your 2014 love card showdown finalists. It’s going to be epic, we just know it!


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