Thank You, NYC!

Cardtorial had a wonderful time at NY NOW this past week! We’re back in California now, and pretty happy about the weather on the West Coast. It’s time for us to get caught up on all our orders, but we wanted to share a few things about our time in NYC with you!

Horizontal collage edited

Having this game plan for our setup really helped things run smoothly! We’ve really expanded the number of designs & goods so it’s getting increasingly tricky to find a space for everything. On top of that, we decided to share our space for this winter market — we were lucky enough to collaborate with our friend, Pei from Pei Design (great company, less wall space). Can you spot the new designs?! (:

Many of our last minute additions did wonderfully.  We hadn’t even had time to get them photographed but we’ll be releasing them more broadly in the spring.

PicMonkey Collage 2

When we first got to 7717, it was simply a curtained off 10×10 space. Pei and I had to put up our own walls before we could do anything else. Comparing where we started to how we finished, we’ve got to say the 2-day transformation never ceases to amaze us!

We weathered the Superbowl in the city, two snowstorms, and a heck of a long week.  Nonetheless, going to New York is a welcome change of pace — it’s energizing to be surrounded by other artists, entrepreneurs, great food and  great people!  A few firsts: checking out Astoria, visiting some fun art galleries in Chelsea, and trekking through semi-substantial snow in the city.  Note to city-snow newbs: Huge puddles of melted snow masquerade as asphalt — beware!

If you’re interested in checking out beautiful goods at the show, we’d recommend Oh So Beautiful Paper’s NYNOW recap!


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