Friday Favorites of March 14

Happy Pi Day, friends! This month has been very kind to us — it even gave Yvonne the chance to take a mini vacation! Now that the whole team’s back together again, we got to discuss a few exciting events that are in the works. The next big thing on our to-do list? Mother’s Day!

♥ “Ube: Exotic Purple Velvet Doughnut Lands in O.C.
This may not be the biggest newsflash, but since we are local to Orange County, this is exciting news to us! Have you ever had Ube?

♥ “How to be Successful at What You Love
Seven short, sweet and simple tips on how to make a business doing what you love.

♥ “All About Fonts
Jones Design Company rounds up some of its favorite posts about fonts. One even teachers you how to make your own!

♥ “14 Super Neat Spring Cleaning Organization Ideas!
Not ready for spring cleaning? The Paper Mama gathered some fun hacks to make your life easier.

♥ “Want to Close the Deal? Have a Good Story
Inc. has an interesting idea of how emotions can help you make a sale. “Buyers don’t remember facts. They remember stories.”


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