Friday Favorites of March 21

It’s officially spring, and we’re celebrating the new season with some new designs! We’re still working on them, but they will debut soon. With the new releases and the new voting series just around the corner, we’re bound to have tons of fun these next few weeks!

♥ “A Store with Media in Mind
Congrats to STORY on the big piece in The New York Times! We’re proud to have been a part of the store’s Love Story collection. This article’s packed with information on the concept of retail media.

♥ “On Making Friends as an Adult
Growing up, you’re constantly surrounded my friends and family. But let’s admit it: once you graduate and start living on your own, it can get pretty lonely.

♥ “DIY Cleaning Products
Continuing our spring cleaning theme, these DIY products can get rid of spots, make mirrors shine, and disinfect counters!

♥ “5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Isn’t a Fad
Content Marketing isn’t just a phase — it’s here to stay. Are you wondering why? PR Daily’s article gives five simple reasons.

♥ “13 Small Workplaces with Personality
Working from home requires you do have a space designated to your job. Here is a collection of lovely at-home workspaces that are beautiful and functional!


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