Friday Favorites of March 28

We’re on our last week of March! There’s one big piece of news I’ve been holding onto, but it’s time to make an official announcement: we will NOT be going to NSS this year. Cardtorial will be a part of something super cool that is launching very, very soon though — more news on that to come! We wish all our friends the best of luck preparing for the show in May. You’re all gonna rock!

How has this month been for you? We’d love to hear about it!

♥ “How Small Businesses Can Get Products into Campus Stores
Business Week gives some advice on how small businesses can find a large consumer base by selling products in campus stores. Would you consider this retail route?

♥ “3 Myths About Keeping Your Startup a Secret
We’ve all heard that sharing our projects and being transparent are good traits. Still have reservations? The Next Web will take on your lingering doubts.

♥ “Dress Your Tech/42
Design Love Fest’s “Dress Your Tech” series features up-and-coming artists, while at the same time offering her readers a few free, exclusive downloadable wallpapers from the spotlighted designer! This week, she highlights the lovely work of Elise Pescheret.

♥ “Marbled Easter Egg Tutorial
You don’t have to give up painting Easter eggs just because you’re an adult!

♥ “MAKE: DIY Painted Watercolor Mug
Dress up a plain white porcelain mug with a simple how-to! We promise it’ll help you relax and be productive.

What are your favorite articles from this week? If it’s not in our round up, we’ll be sure to check it out!


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