Friday Favorites of April 4

Hello friends! Here in the OC, we just experienced our first April showers of the year. We know plenty of you experience rain all the time, but it’s always (maybe just usually) a pleasant surprise here in Southern California!

Remember last Friday when we mentioned that we’re a part of something that’s launching very, very soon? Well make that a SUPER soon, because we’re well on our way to making the big announcement next week. Any guesses to what the big announcement’s about? Comment and we’ll tell you if you’re in the ballpark!

Solar-powered watches that require no maintenance. We think it’s cool, but what do you think? Too tacky?

♥ Aaron Hurst suggests that we can learn a thing or two from Tesla on how to create a purpose economyDo you think we’ve moved past the experience economy and into a purpose economy?

♥ French toast is wonderful. But french toast sticks? Perfect.

Is it worth it to pay Facebook to reach a larger audience? Aeolidia experiments, and says no.

♥ We have a dream, and it looks a little like this. This studio tour of These Are Things motivates us and gives us a glimpse of what could be in our future.


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