Friday Favorites of April 11

Good morning, everyone! Things are getting busy again on our end, so our big announcement has been put off… but don’t worry, we do have some great news! We’re getting ready to roll out some new designs for Father’s Day!! We have a few sketches ready, but we just need to clean up the designs a bit before testing them on cardboard. Speaking of new designs, have you seen our new Mother’s Day ones?

photo (4) EDITED

♥ “The Found Art of Thank You Notes” by the New York Times strikes home for us in the stationery industry.

♥ We knew colors important, but Social Marketing Writing claims that colors can be used to help your marketing efforts. What do you think?

♥ Do you want to break into the paper industry? “Getting Started in the Stationery Industry” by Nole of Oh So Beautiful Paper gives you the rundown with just five tips.

♥ Though spring just started, my desk’s getting a bit cluttered. If yours is too, get inspired by Chapter Friday’s gallery of beautifully organized desks.

♥ Are you ready for Easter? Here’s a crafty way to entertain this year by Sugarplum!


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