Cardtorial’s Collaborative Project Interview

Remember the hints we’ve been dropping about something big in the works involving Cardtorial? We weren’t able to reveal the big news last week because of some delays, but we’re ready to give away another hint about this exciting endeavor! This hint’s a big one — it’s actually this entire blog post!

Cardtorial is a part of an upcoming collaborative project. Yvonne recently did an interview for the project, and we have it right here!


When did you start Cardtorial and Why?

I’ve always loved business and thought being an entrepreneur would be pretty exciting. I was always on the lookout for interesting products to create or business ideas to pursue. When I had the idea to make these fun and unique wood cards, it was as if the stars were aligned.  The process was relatively straightforward, I had a friend who taught me how to create them, and the prototypes were cute! It grew pretty organically from there.  We made our first card in early 2012, ran a Kickstarter campaign later that year, and have continued to grow from there!

Where are you based?

We started the business in San Francisco and we’re now in Southern California.

What techniques do you use/what is your process for developing products?

We make all our products in house using a laser-cutter!  Prior to starting Cardtorial, I had no exposure to this machine and I’m always amazed at the wonderfully creative and downright awesome things people are able to create with laser cutters.

I do a good deal of our design (all of it in the early days) but we have increasingly been collaborating with other artists.  I love how collaboration has allowed Cardtorial to really expand it’s appeal and create amazing products we wouldn’t have been able to create otherwise.  We are always pushing to explore new styles and formats. Getting to a successful final product is always a process of trial, error and / or refinement and we’re not afraid to try new things — the limiting factor is usually time!


How would you define your brand’s style?

Charming, cute, fun, and wooden!

What are your bestsellers?

Plenty of Fish in the Sea (pictured above). This was one of our very first cards and has stood the test of time.  Because our cards have a certain amount of permanence to them (being crafted from wood and all), people tend to buy them for their most beloved and our “love” category has proven to be incredibly popular year round.  Whether you’re shopping for Mom, a significant other, or your best friend, you somehow know it’s something that they’ll hang on to and cherish.

Our Amazing Things Will Happen Journal proves to be the perfect dose of positivity and inspiration.

One of my favorite new products, that has been an all-around hit is the Dear Little One Wood Print. It’s sweet, it’s beautiful, and would make a thoughtful gift to celebrate the arrival of a new baby or the perfect touch in the nursery.

What new products are you most excited about?

We introduced our journals toward the end of last year and debuted our wood prints at the beginning of this year.  We’ve gotten such a great response to these products from both consumers and stores.  As a result, we are working hard to not only expand those collections but also explore other related lifestyle products.  A number of products are in the works and we’re hoping to launch them for the summer trade show season.

To learn more about Cardtorial, visit us at our website here, or check out InstagramTwitter or Facebook!

Can’t wait to find out what this collaborative project is all about? Follow us on social media and subscribe to this blog — as soon as the team makes this project public, we’ll let y’all know!


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