Getting to Know The Stuffed Envelope

Greetings, friends! We hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day filled with lots of love and laughter!

Last week, we announced the release of The Stuffed Envelope, a fun collaborative project that aims to introduce different, unique lines of stationery goods to the world. In case you missed the big announcement, you can go check it out here.


Continuing with the announcement’s festivities, we rounded together a few fun facts about each of the lines in our collaborative group. If you’re intrigued by any of the product lines, click through their names to see them on The Stuffed Envelope website!

♥ Brannon Cullum Addison is the woman behind Texas-based Happy Cactus Designs. Each of her designs start off as a hand-drawn sketch.

“My style tends to be very colorful, cheerful, and whimsical… Many of my latest designs have been most inspired by nature (think botanical drawings, cacti and succulents) or by geometric shapes and modern lines.”


♥ Lauren Fisk makes it a goal to capture humor in the designs of Fisk and Fern. If she catches you laughing at one of her characters, she knows she’s succeeded!

“[Fisk and Fern’s style] is silly and strange. All the illustrations at Fisk and Fern are all based around goofy characters, with a definite emphasis on food.”


♥ Libby Unwin of Just a Trace wants to help make the DIY movement a little easier on people who aren’t inherently artistic. Her goods help people get a beautiful design onto paper with “just a trace.”

“I have a background in packaging and information graphics, where there is a high level of precision, and hand-lettering and illustration where there is a lot of room for whimsy.”

Just A Trace Stencils

♥ Husband and wife Edgar and Suzanne Cabrera are the two halves that make the whole of An Open Sketchbook. The company name was originally derived from Suzanne’s blog that chronicled her 21-day-experiment in drawing daily.

“At one time we may be heavily inspired by picture books from our childhood; at another time, Charles and Ray Eames—and yet another, by watching our boys playing with Dinosaurs.  Depending on what we’re inspired by at the time, we’ll choose a technique and style we think is the best match.”


♥ Heather Brooke Centurioni was affectionately nicknamed “HB” by her older sister. HBDesigns exists today as a tribute to her memory.

“Never really one to follow the pack, we decided day one that everything we produced would be handmade and have a textile on it. Our fabric-based line has grown considerably over time and we focus on pattern and color trends that often stem from the interior design industry.”


♥ Jill Shephard is the founder and creative director of Kansas-based Ruff House Art. She runs the company with husband, web-developer and photographer Brian Shephard.

I find myself drawn to illustration work that is whimsical and less than ordinary. I love seeing funny little creatures and unusual depictions of trees, animals and scenes.”

Bulk Boxed Coasters

♥ Yvonne Leung has always loved business, so you could say that launching Cardtorial made her entrepreneurial dreams come true! She made her first laser-cut card in 2012, and the company has been growing ever since.

“I love how collaboration has allowed Cardtorial to really expand it’s appeal and create amazing products we wouldn’t have been able to create otherwise.  We are always pushing to explore new styles and formats.”


By the way, it’s National Small Business Week! If you’re in San Francisco, Kansas City, Boston or Washington D.C., you should definitely check out some of the special events happening this week.


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