Thanks LA for the Great Renegade Craft Fair!

This weekend, Cardtorial set up shop at Renegade Craft Fair’s July market in Grand Park. It was pretty (very) hot, but all the friendly faces that made it out to the fair really lifted our spirits!

RCF grand park LA


We had a great corner location right next to Beach Bones Jewelry (they have gorgeous accessories, you should definitely check them out)! There was a lot of foot traffic around that spot, so it seems like we got lucky again (:

Cardtorial wood cards and journals

There were so many great exhibitors this weekend in LA, including Ink+Smog Editions, Janie XY, Oh Hello Friend and Plastique. The biggest hit at the fair was Front Porch Pops. Thanks to their icy treats, a huge number of vendors and customers stayed happy and (slightly) cooled. We tried their Mojito and blueberry pops — delicious!!

Los Angeles Wood Card

We debuted our gorgeous new Los Angeles wood print at the show! This design was literally finalized and printed the day right before Renegade Craft Fair weekend. So glad we could feature it at the show!

It’s been two awesome weeks in a row thanks to the team at Renegade Craft Fair! Thanks again for being great hosts. We can’t wait to come out to your next show!


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