Behind the Scenes: the Making of our LA Print

At Renegade Craft Fair: LA last month, we debuted our brand new Los Angeles print! We’ve been making more seasonal, location-specific cards and are really happy with how the LA print turned out 🙂 Los Angeles wood print design

Just like with our San Francisco print, we worked with Anna (@xheart on Instagram!) on our LA design.

Fun fact: Yvonne found Anna through Instagram and reached out to her, hoping she’d be interested in working with us — can you believe our luck?! Yvonne especially loved the loops in Anna’s designs and wanted to bring them to life as Cardtorial goods!

Developing a new design always takes time and good communication. Yvonne and Anna went through a couple of drafts to perfect their mutual vision for the print.

LA print design


To reduce the number of cluttering loops in the design, “I’m Yours” was shifted and rewritten to look more clean-cut. Anna’s hand lettering skills are seriously amazing!

Cardtorial lasercut Los Angeles

Before lasercutting it on a fresh sheet of wood, we took the new design on a test drive. Yvonne darkened up the lines a bit from Anna’s design to really make the typography stand out against the wood.

LA Lasercut Wood Print Cardtorial


Tada — the final version of our new Los Angeles print lasercut into its very own 8″ by 10″, 1/8″ thick wood slab!!

Interested in owning your very own Los Angeles real wood print? Leave a comment and we’ll let you know how to get your very own! 🙂



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