Friday Favorites, 8/29

The Unique Space PR workshop

We had an awesome time at The Unique Space’s PR 101 workshop this week! Elizabeth’s super excited about sharing her experience soon. Anything you’d like to hear about in particular? In-house vs. outsourced PR, the workshop experience, how PR relates to social media, etc.?

– Tooting our own horn a little here, but we were mentioned by the lovely Wedding Collectibles blog and in Audie’s Alchemy’s Etsy Favorites roundup. We love seeing that people really like our real wood paper goods!

– Buffer’s blog has amazing content for small businesses looking to learn more about social media, marketing, SEO and much more! Here’s our favorite post from this week: 21 Simple and Free SEO Tools to Instantly Improve Your Marketing.

– Anna, the amazing designer behind our beautiful new print series (San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York) was featured on Goodtype!! Congrats, you deserve it!!

– If you’ve been following our Friday Favorites, you might already know that we’re huge fans of Designlovefest’s Dress Your Tech series. Elizabeth currently has Julie Song for Designlovefest on her phone as a wallpaper!


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