The Golden Key to Good PR

Cardtorial PR 101 Sonja Rasula

Last week, I had the chance to attend a PR 101 workshop by Sonja Rasula. It was inspiring, informational and just plain awesome — I definitely would recommend it to anyone who wants a quick rundown on how to do PR for a small business. Sonja had lots of good tips and tricks to share with us and my group of attendees were full of fresh and innovative ideas of their own!

There was one key lesson that I took away from the workshop:

Cardtorial Think Outside the Box



Think outside the box! The best way to get your brand picked up by the media is to have an exciting new story to present to them. This is especially useful when you’ve already gotten placement in magazine and want to be written about again.

Take Cardtorial for example: let’s say Cardtorial has already made it into Vogue’s 2013 holiday gift roundup. How would Vogue write about us again in 2014, since we were already featured just a few months ago? (Note: we didn’t pitch to be included — they heard about us and wanted to feature us on their own.)

Cardtorial Holiday Cards Vogue

Have an entirely new story! Just because we’ve been written about once doesn’t mean we can’t be written about again. The story just needs to be told from different angle, or in this case, on a different product.


Cardtorial Vogue Magazine


In this article, Cardtorial is featured as a nontraditional wedding invitation maker. This shows off an entirely new side of Cardtorial, our real wood customized paper goods! Not only are we on the radars of last-minute holiday gift-givers, but we’re now on the radars of wedding planners and newly engaged couples. Each article was unique and different, and that’s why Cardtorial was featured twice in a year by Vogue! (Note: We actually didn’t pitch this story either — but it still goes to show that the same brand can be featured in different ways to be placed TWICE in this high-profile magazine.)

There are tons of different ways I can pitch Cardtorial products and services. I can look at design magazines and pitch Cardtorial as a collaborative platform for different artists, because Yvonne works with different people to produce different designs. Or, I can look at Cardtorial as a unique startup looking to put a new spin on traditional paper goods — this idea got picked up by OC Metro magazine!

Cardtorial OC Metro Magazine

How can you think outside of the box when pitching your product or service? Let’s bounce ideas off each other in the comments!


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