Friday Favorites, 9/5

Cardtorial Summer

It feels like just yesterday, we were celebrating the start of summer — where’d it all go?! I just found out that summer officially ends Sept. 22… but with pumpkin lattes at Starbucks and pumpkin pies popping up in stores, it definitely feels like fall already.

What season do you think it is: summer or fall?

Friday Favorites Cardtorial

– We’re an official 2014 Martha Stewart American Made nominee!! Visit our nomination page to see our interview and cute product photos from our catalog 🙂

– You don’t have to be an extrovert to successfully build your small biz! Here are 9 ways to build your business as an introvert.

– If you’re a fan of web design and Fast Company articles, you’ll love this one on how 9 design ideas forever changed the web. Sidenote: the number 9 seems like the “it number” for us today, haha!

– Because I particularly like coffee (as does 83% of the world, apparently), these 15 quotes about why coffee with is the best resound with me. What about you? Are you coffee-drinker, tea-drinker or neither?


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