Friday Favorites, 9/12

Summer show season is officially over!! Cardtorial’s kicking it into high gear in September and October — we’ve got orders to fulfill and holiday gifts to anticipate! We have lots of projects and plans underway, and we can’t wait to share the news with all of you soon.

– We’re going to be at Unique’s debut PEP RALLY tomorrow featuring entrepreneur extraordinaire Johnny Cupcakes (check him out here)! If you’re going to the event, look out for us there!!

– I’m fascinated by small space design and upcycled homes. These 12 homes made from shipping containers are seriously amazing!

– Entrepreneur and shared an amazing infographic on best email practices for small businesses and how to craft better emails.

– Did you know that you can repurpose dryer sheets in more than 50 ways?! We were amazed by these handy tips.

– This peanut noodles recipe sounds delicious, but the best part about the recipe might just be the adorable illustrations featured on the recipe’s left.


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