2014 Holiday Show Roundup!

Renegade Craft Fair SF Holiday Banner

Unique LA Holiday Market Banner

Renegade Craft Fair LA Holiday Banner

Thank you for the amazing holiday shows, San Francisco & Los Angeles! We had a ton of fun and couldn’t have asked for a better time. The Cardtorial team loved discovering new brands and meeting fellow small businesses at the markets this year.

Unique LA was one of the shows that really stood out this year. It was the first year we opted for a full booth (instead of a table) and we’re so glad we did it! Our #1 priority was to make sure our booth drew people in. We made sure had clear aisles for attendees to wander through, put more products on display, framed our prints for an extra classy touch and even added some fresh holiday decorations. Our roses were blooming during the show — so perfect!

Cardtorial at Unique LA

Going the extra mile with the display was definitely more time-consuming than our usual setup, but overall a great experience. We’d like to think our booth got packed with traffic because of the gorgeous display and awesome team 😉

Cardtorial wooden holiday gifts

Booths seem to help get us more traffic, because we had an even crazier weekend after Unique, at Renegade LA!

Cardtorial at Renegade Craft Fair Los Angeles

Our Amazing Things Will Happen journal sold out in practically two hours on day one and at the end of that first day, Yvonne had to head back to the studio to make more goodies because so many products sold out!

Amazing Things Will Happen Wooden Journal

Amazing things did happen, thanks to the amazing people of SF and LA! And special thanks to the team at Renegade and Unique — you’re all awesome. ♥


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