Brush Lettering Workshop with Nicole Santo!

oh hello friend workshop

About two weeks ago, I attended my very first Oh Hello Friend workshop with one of Cardtorial’s talented designers, Nicole Santo! She’s the amazing artist behind all six of our wedding albums (a brand new product line), as well as a number of our cards, prints and journals. Here are a few of her designs:

Nicole & the OHF team did a beautiful job setting up the workshop space. They had a cute setup for refreshments and a gorgeous table setting. Each seat had a hand lettered jumbo envelope with a participant’s name on it, a hand bound notebook, a packet of instructions and a bundle of pens.

brush lettering workshop

After hearing a little about Nicole’s background, we dived straight into using her trusty brush marker — the Copic sketch marker! At first, we practiced drawing straight lines with a heavy start and a light finish. When we got the hang of that, we practiced lowercase L’s, starting with a heavy stroke down and a light stroke up. She compared these strokes to “breath strokes,” with a heavy-down, light-up flow. As we worked, she came around to make sure everyone was getting comfortable with the exercises.

brush lettering strokes

Once we got the hang of that, Nicole had us begin tracing a hand lettered alphabet (provided in our packet). After a brief demonstration, she let us practice, practice and practice on three variations of the alphabet.

Nicole Santos lettering
Nicole’s papers


lettering cardtorial
My papers

I had a phenomenal time at the workshop. Though I wasn’t exactly a pro when I left, I definitely felt like I had the tools to become one! Nicole emphasized at the beginning that brush lettering is a work of art, and that everyone’s style is different but equally beautiful. I highly recommend taking a class with her if you ever get the chance (especially if it’s at the Oh Hello Friend shop)!



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