Friday Favorites: Thank You, Valentines!

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We had such a phenomenal Valentine’s Day season this year. Thank you so much Cardtorial friends, fans and retailers — we couldn’t have had such a great season without you!

Even though Valentine’s season is over, we wanted to give shoutouts to some of the press that featured us this year. Yvonne had her very first television appearance and our cards were picked up by some awesome websites.

See all our Valentine’s Day features below:


Jan. 22 on Apartment Therapy, “Saucy, Snappy (& Only a Little Sappy) Handcrafted Valentine’s Day Cards” & Feb. 3 on Design Crush Blog, “14 (More) Valentines







Jan. 26 on Oh So Beautiful Paper, “Seasonal Stationery: Valentine’s Day Cards, Part 4





you're the bee's knees card



Jan. 26 on Paper Crave, “Sweet Valentine’s Day Cards








Feb. 9 on KCOY, “A Unique Way to Express Your Love This Valentine’s Day” (below)


Feb. 10 on Good Day LA (FOX), “Sadie Murray: Valentine’s Gift Ideas” (below)


you are my sunshine card



Feb. 10 on My Hotel Wedding, “MHW ♥s Etsy: Cardtorial






What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day gift from Cardtorial? Let us know in the comments below!


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