5 Reasons to Send Snail Mail Today!

wood cards by cardtorial

April is National Card & Letter Writing Month!

When’s the last time you’ve sent snail mail? It’s never too late to pick up the habit of sending letters. Here are five of our favorite reasons for sending handwritten cards and letters:

1. Letters are Better Than Emails

Writing a letter by hand shows that you’ve spent time and genuine effort into the message. Sending off an email is easy and takes a lot less time to craft than a handwritten letter would.

2. Cards are Short and Sweet

Handwritten notes don’t have to be long. Send someone a beautiful, simple postcard with a sentence or two if you can’t commit to writing a page-long letter.

3. Handwriting is Personal

Nothing shows off someone’s personality more than his/her handwriting. Every time you write a card of letter, you’re producing something only you can produce — how special is that?!

4. Snail Mail is Art

Chances are, you’ve never printed up an email and used it as decoration around the house or at work. Postcards, cards and letter, however, are perfect for hanging up because they are always beautiful and hold special meaning.

5. Postcards Last Forever!

Some postcards can literally last forever. Our wood cards are made of 100 percent certified sustainable American hardwoods — in other words, they’re made to last and last! See our bestselling favorites here.

Who are you addressing your next letter to? Let us know in the comments!


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