Cardtorial on #EtsyOpenCall

Just a couple months ago, Cardtorial participated in Etsy Wholesale’s #EtsyOpenCall program. Etsy Wholesale encouraged wholesalers to take to Instagram and share about their brand, their products, and their story for a chance to attend a pitching event with Etsy’s retailer partners: Nordstrom, Lou & Grey, Clementine, the Walker Art Center’s Walker Shop, and The Land of Nod.  (You can learn more about the amazing program here!)

It was an incredible opportunity for us to connect with Etsy and some of the best retail stores in business today. But most importantly, the program really encouraged us to dig deep into our brand and share our roots with our fans.

This is our story.

cardtorial yvonne

Hello! To our old friends and new. My name is Yvonne and I’m the founder of Cardtorial! We often get the question of how Cardtorial came to be. How I decided to leave my job, how I landed upon wood as my canvas. Those stories continue to shape our brand and are at the root of why we do what we do.

do what you love journal

A few years ago, after having worked in finance for a number of years — it was infinitely clear to me that a life walking that straight path wouldn’t be my path to fulfillment. While there was no single “Aha!” moment, no dramatic breaking point, each honest moment and the small decisions following lead me to realize that I yearned for the freedom to create, explore, & feel human. I hoped to do and build something meaningful to me & hopefully those around me.

true north wood card

That form of expression began as a single wooden card. Something I could make and share with those I love. Something a dear friend could keep forever and that would bring lightness and joy for years to come.  Encouraged by the kindness and enthusiasm of friends & co-workers, I began to see my wooden creations were unique & allowed customers to express their love & friendship in a new and wonderful way.

pineapple wood journal


Those first wood cards gave way to a modest Etsy shop.  And from there, it grew.  Despite the growth and evolution of this business, the core of Cardtorial remains.  It is a place into which I pour my thoughts & heart, hoping that what we create resonates and helps to highlight the beauty of creativity and craft. For that reason, we would love to connect with Nordstrom and the Walker Art Center at #EtsyOpenCall.  We admire their ability to push the boundaries of what retail can be. Their focus on uniquely connecting with customers both through products and experiences.

wood greeting cards

One of the unexpected delights of our business is growing & working with other small businesses. Some of our very first retailers were also opening up stores of their own — experiencing the same entrepreneurial struggles & triumphs I was. Being able to support one another and admire our respective successes and growth has made the adventure especially fulfilling. We would love to meet Emily Blistein from Clementine — her enthusiasm for handmade, discovery, and building a community are infectious and inspirational. We’ve admired her from afar and couldn’t imagine a more lovely retailer to meet and with whom to work.

los angeles art print


It’s been a busy summer season, but we couldn’t be more happy with how much we’ve been able to grow and mature. We can’t wait to see what the rest of 2015 brings!


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