8 Highlights from 2015

It’s hard to believe our story started with a single wooden card. Since then, encouraged by the community’s enthusiasm for our products, our line continues to evolve. Before 2016 starts, we’re stepping back to take a look at a few highlights from this past year:


– January: We launched two new product lines in 2015. Our new wood gift tag line features nine different sets with three gift tags in each set. Now you can package your presents (both big and small) with our laser cut gift tags made of real wood! The second line we launched this year was our collection of wedding guestbooks. Filled with white linen pages and crafted in our Los Angeles studio, these wood wedding guestbooks are perfect for commemorating the most special of days. Each guestbook features lovely handlettering on the front wood cover and an equally sturdy back cover.

– February: Our Valentine’s Day cards were spotlighted by some amazing blogs and news stations. In fact, we had our very first appearance on TV! There was so much to be appreciative of this month so we gave some dedicated shoutouts to everyone here.

cardtorial birthday airmail

– April: Anthropologie picked up our Dad Shape Cards! It was so amazing to see our cards on their website. Soon after, they began selling our Birthday Airmail cards (in stores and online) as well. Totally a dream come true!

– June: We participated in #EtsyOpenCall and explored the heart of our brand in a series on Instagram. What is Cardtorial all about? What makes us different from other brands? Why Cardtorial? Read our story here.

This month, we also packed up our bags and moved from our downtown studio to a bigger space in the South Bay of LA. It took us a few weeks to set up shop, but now it definitely feels like home.

los angeles art print

– September: After a whirlwind of a summer, we debut with Nordstrom thanks to Etsy Wholesale! Yes, we pinch ourselves constantly.

– December: Coming out of our fourth year in business, we are in a new vibrant space to pave the way for a bright year ahead. This upcoming season, we’re adding coasters to our product offering and could not be more thrilled with the new addition. More broadly, we’ve taken inspiration from all things botanical. Our floral monogram series has had us dreaming of foliage for months. This series perfectly highlights the beauty of our medium and all things natural. You can peek at the 2016 catalog here!

Thank you for letting us share our story with you. We are so appreciative of your support.


Team Cardtorial


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