Celebrate Motherhood With Us!

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” We spent the day making wishes on dandelions, going to lunch with daddy & practicing our soccer skills for Rigg’s big game on Saturday. We also started a family gratitude journal ! I have been keeping one since my mission to Poland where I would write down the tender mercies I would see everyday. Even if it was just a wave from a stranger or trying some awesome Polish candy. Small things and big things! It was so fun to explain it to the boys and see their eyes light up. Riggins said he was thankful that dinosaurs don’t eat Monroe (whaaaa?) & also, glue 🤔 Gibson is thankful for the Easter bunny bringing him candy and colored pencils. It’s sure a start 😏 I’m excited to hear what they will say every day!”



“I haven’t ever really been a journaler (that’s not a word). Mostly because I am a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad writer. But I am a great lister…listerer…listarian? (person-who-makes-lists).  First thing I’m writing… Dane walks out of the room. Me, “where you going”. Dane, “work”. True story… True. Story. #hesnotactuallygoingtowork



“I don’t ever want to forget the small details of Emma’s babyhood. Her warmth as she cuddles me in the mornings, the way she affectionately strokes my arms, the sweet words she says, the dimples on her hands that are slowly disappearing. 💔 I’ve slowly started recording sweet little notes so I’ll always remember the things I love most about this age. And one day when we’re both older, I will have completed an entire book (or three) about my love for her.”


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