Meet The Team!


Hello! Yvonne here, founder of Cardtorial. Our small business has grown over the last few years from a 1-woman operation to a small team, and I wanted to spotlight the lovely ladies that make up Cardtorial! I started Cardtorial 5 years ago after quitting my job in finance. After a few years in a corporate environment, I felt super stifled. The first few years of Cardtorial were all-consuming as I played the role of product designer, laser operator, salesperson, customer service rep, packer, shipper, and accountant.

It’s not always easy nor is it always smooth going, but I’ve come to realize I very much value freedom and flexibility over stability and a big paycheck. These days, I live near my office and I surf every day before coming into work. It’s always a work in progress, but Cardtorial has come a long way from the days where I would ship packages during my lunch hour or even when I worked out of my parents’ garage. We’re growing a team that’s strong, spirited, and creative, and I can’t wait for you to get to know them!


06.07 NEWMeet Tiina, our Marketing Manager and Resident TV Expert! She is in charge of setting our marketing strategy, running our Instagram account, and telling us all what TV shows to watch. She’s currently doing all of this from halfway across the world – she is on an extended trip traveling across Europe for 5 months and making us all jealous with her photos! Born & raised in LA, she attended University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) and worked in Portland for a few years, but she couldn’t resist the call of the California sunshine. She works as a freelance graphic designer in addition to working at Cardtorial, and lends her design chops to the team when needed. When she’s not glued to her computer working, you can find her drinking large amounts of La Croix, swimming at the pool, eating tacos, and hanging out with her dog Lucy.


06-20.jpgMeet Kristin, our Sales Channel Coordinator, In-House Photographer, and Resident GIF-Maker! What can’t she do?? Kristin manages all of our online stores and wholesale accounts, and she shoots all of the beautiful photos you see here right on this feed! A graduate of Vassar college with a Fine Art degree, she says her favorite part of working at Cardtorial is our robust snack shelf – but she also loves being surrounded by fun, talented, creative women every day. 🙂 When it comes to our office tunes, she will vote for Justin Bieber each and every time….in her words “it is no longer a guilty pleasure”. When she’s not at Cardtorial, you can find her taking pictures of her dog Penny, going on a run, or watching too much Twin Peaks.


06.14 NEW.jpgMeet Kayley, our Studio Assistant and Official Youth Consultant. Kayley is in charge of packing and sending out each and every order, for both retail and wholesale, and keeping us all up to date on what’s cool nowadays. 😉 If you’ve ordered something from us, chances are Kayley packed it up for you! She also coordinates many of the processes and production tasks in the office. Her favorite part of the job is knowing that she’s sending out products that are going to make people happy and help spread love. Kayley is also a Los Angeles native – she was born and raised in the South Bay. When she’s not in the office, you can find Kayley at concerts with her friends, binge watching Girls, or hanging out with her cat Tube (yes that’s his name)!


06.28 NEW.jpgMeet Liz, our In-House Designer! Liz joined us about 6 months ago as a Studio Assistant for the holiday season, but now is in charge of creating new designs and products. In her short time here, she has already spearheaded 2 design collections – our recent Floral journal series and our newest Ocean collection. We can’t get enough of her beautiful illustrations. Liz, unlike the rest of us, was NOT born and raised in Los Angeles….she hails all the way from Vermont! She is a graduate of SCAD in Savannah, Georgia with a degree in Communication Design. In addition to working full-time with Cardtorial, she manages to find time to do additional freelance work as a designer & production artist. When she’s not designing, you can find liz watching anything on the Discovery Channel, hanging out with her cat Monk, or planning her upcoming wedding in November!





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