Cheers to 5 Years!



It’s hard to believe it’s been five years.

Five years since I started to get tired of my traditional corporate job and itched to do something new and adventurous. Five years since I took the first steps toward exploring what this ‘wood card idea’ could become. Five years since I learned how to use Illustrator, joined a maker space, and created the first Cardtorial product!!

Our five year anniversary has such a special place in my heart.  You see, wood is the traditional gift for a five year anniversary. Many of our dear customers first discovered Cardtorial this way — searching for the perfect way to celebrate their partnership and commemorate their love.  For me, this particularly birthday or “anniversary” is the perfect time to pause and reflect upon how far we’ve come and what we’ve managed to build together.

When I think of Cardtorial five years ago, I can’t help but reminisce about:

  • Running to the post office during my lunch break.
  • The uncertainty and eagerness of being an absolute newbie.
  • Doing everything seemingly for the first time.
  • Chatting with store owners on the weekends.
  • Riding home on the bus late at night with my arms full of materials, heading home from another productive night in my shared makerspace.
  • The thrill of talking to my very first customers.

This all sounds rather exciting, but looking back on this time of my life makes me remember how tiring it all was! While some things remain consistent, such as the smell of wood burning, the unique sounds of a laser running, and the unending ups and downs of running a small business, I sit in amazement to think of all that has changed.

This party of one has grown to a beautiful team of six. Cardtorial has grown from an “I” endeavor to a strong “we!” Our team supports each other personally and professionally and each contribute our gifts to making Cardtorial just as great as we all see it in our dreams. We’ve built relationships with hundreds of stores and tens of thousands of customers — whom without, we would not be anywhere! Our studio, where we craft and laser-cut all our products, is home to beautiful wooden goods, creativity, collaboration, laughter, an eclectic mix of music, and only the best in snacks. We are brimming with inspiration, clear in our mission to spread joy amongst loved ones and to celebrate special moments.

To our friends old and new, thank you for sharing a bit of these past five years with us and letting us into your lives. Here’s to many more to come!

With love,


Custom Lasercut Wood Work

Interested in creating custom wood gifts for your upcoming event or your store? We’ve done everything from custom wood journals for corporate gifts, custom wood wedding invitations for the most romantic of occasions, custom ornaments and wood cards for special gift shops — and so much more! Below is a selection of custom lasercut wood stationery and gifts we’ve created in the past. If you have a project in mind, feel free to email with your specs to see if we can help!

custom - journals.png

Custom Lasercut Wood Journals
Interested in custom laser cut wood journals for your team or event? Have your custom design or logo engraved on one of our wood notebooks. 
custom - cards.png
Custom Stationery and Cards
Need a unique custom invitation or wood card for your wedding, corporate party, or other event? Our laser cut wood cards make the perfect unique custom wood gift item.
custom - ornaments.png
Custom Ornaments
Deck the halls with our custom laser cut wood ornaments. Our ornaments can be engraved with any custom design or logo and make a perfect unique addition to a corporate gift basket, a client gift, or even for an office holiday party. 
custom - coasters.png

Custom Coasters
Set the table with our unique laser cut wood coasters. Our wood coasters can be laser engraved with any custom design to make a unique and special gift. 

custom - check presenter.png

Custom Check Presenters
Looking for a custom wood check presenter or any other unique laser engraved wood piece? Contact us today with your custom logo or design that you would like laser etched!
Email today with your custom design or logo and we’ll get back to you soon!

Find Your #TrueNorth

GC.Q.009 (2).jpg
“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”
— Rumi
When what you do aligns with what you love, something incredible happens. For the next few weeks, we’re sharing the stories of amazing artists, makers, and entrepreneurs from across the country to inspire you to find and follow your personal passions. Follow our series on Instagram and share your #TrueNorth!
Shop True North.png

Make Summertime Magic!

J.PAT.13_2.jpgTo us, summer is all about celebrating the people in our lives and having fun together. Soak in these warm, happy vibes with our summertime collections! From seashells to desert plants, we have a variety of unique designs to get you in the summer spirit.

Summer Journals for blog.png