This Just In! Our Newest Cards for Father’s Day.


Don’t forget about Dad! Father’s Day is just around the corner – are you ready? Treat dad to the best and choose from our selection of classic favorites and fresh new designs sure to make his day extra special!!

Plus, get a free easel* when you purchase any Father’s Day card! Use code DADSRULE at checkout to get yours today.

*1 easel per customer. Can only be used with the purchase of a greeting card. To redeem: Add easel to cart and enter code DADSRULE at checkout. Expires Friday 6/2. 


Wedding Season is Here!

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Wedding season is here! Our calendars are filling up with wedding dates, ranging from rustic retreats to city chic. We’re looking forward to spending these joyous times with friends and family celebrating these happily ever afters.

Looking for the perfect wedding gift? Leave behind the impersonal registries and gift a unique handcrafted, personalized keepsake. From hand-lettered beauties to intricate floral designs, Cardtorial has unique and special gifts to last the happy couple a lifetime.

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Celebrate Motherhood With Us!

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” We spent the day making wishes on dandelions, going to lunch with daddy & practicing our soccer skills for Rigg’s big game on Saturday. We also started a family gratitude journal ! I have been keeping one since my mission to Poland where I would write down the tender mercies I would see everyday. Even if it was just a wave from a stranger or trying some awesome Polish candy. Small things and big things! It was so fun to explain it to the boys and see their eyes light up. Riggins said he was thankful that dinosaurs don’t eat Monroe (whaaaa?) & also, glue 🤔 Gibson is thankful for the Easter bunny bringing him candy and colored pencils. It’s sure a start 😏 I’m excited to hear what they will say every day!”



“I haven’t ever really been a journaler (that’s not a word). Mostly because I am a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad writer. But I am a great lister…listerer…listarian? (person-who-makes-lists).  First thing I’m writing… Dane walks out of the room. Me, “where you going”. Dane, “work”. True story… True. Story. #hesnotactuallygoingtowork



“I don’t ever want to forget the small details of Emma’s babyhood. Her warmth as she cuddles me in the mornings, the way she affectionately strokes my arms, the sweet words she says, the dimples on her hands that are slowly disappearing. 💔 I’ve slowly started recording sweet little notes so I’ll always remember the things I love most about this age. And one day when we’re both older, I will have completed an entire book (or three) about my love for her.”


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Spring in Bloom!

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To us, winter is a time for hibernation and looking inwards. In this quiet time, we sow our seeds and make our plans for the year ahead. Spring, in contrast, is the time for us to step into the world and begin putting those plans into action. And for that, we are oh so excited!

This change in mindset is also reflected in our surroundings. Spring, that loveliest season when everything bursts into bloom, is a season of color, life, and freshness.

Our newest floral journals pay homage to the beauty of flowers and the delicate grace of nature. We created a collection where extraordinary ideas can take root. Our journals are the perfect place to capture everything from nascent ideas, daily moments, and cherished memories.

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It’s Written in the Stars 💫



To us, astrology is a great way to understand yourself and other! From bold Leos to practical Capricorns, knowing and understanding our sign helps us identify as part of a community. We view the 12 zodiac signs as a fun and helpful tool to learn about ourselves, connect with others, and decode our path and purpose.

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Wild Feminist


Hi all! Yvonne here — founder of Cardtorial.  I’m excited to share this blooming pet project with you. We printed thousands of this beautiful print as postcards, and are offering them entirely free on our website (order up to 100)!!

In thinking about our most recent Cardtorial collection, we were moved by the quote, “Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” This quote seemed to acknowledge the sadness we felt about the current state of events while also reminding us to find the silver lining and keep our heads up. We designed this postcard so that we could write about the things that are most important to us and offer a tool for others to do the same. We, as a team, will be using these postcards to write to our local and state representatives on a daily basis. We hope it will provide some perspective to our work days and will serve to keep us engaged in the ongoing fight for equality, understanding, and respect. 

To us, feminism means we believe in equality. We wholly and proudly embrace the term. I mean, who in their right mind doesn’t believe everybody should have equal rights?! While some may deny we live in a patriarchal world, women face inequality on a daily basis and it’s infuriating to say otherwise. We want to live in a world where women of all races and sexualities are free from discrimination and oppression. Just like wildflowers, we will persist to bloom beautifully regardless of what’s in our way.    

Perhaps the beauty of setbacks is the ability for it to challenge us and encourage us to grow in some way. If you’ve been meaning to write to your local representatives, please order some postcards. If you’re involved in a group huddle and think this would be a valuable resource, please order some postcards. If you have a loved one, friend, or office that would like to participate with you, please order some postcards and then share the love. You can order the postcards via the link below. We’ll ship up to 100 cards to you, completely free of charge!

Cheers to 5 Years!



It’s hard to believe it’s been five years.

Five years since I started to get tired of my traditional corporate job and itched to do something new and adventurous. Five years since I took the first steps toward exploring what this ‘wood card idea’ could become. Five years since I learned how to use Illustrator, joined a maker space, and created the first Cardtorial product!!

Our five year anniversary has such a special place in my heart.  You see, wood is the traditional gift for a five year anniversary. Many of our dear customers first discovered Cardtorial this way — searching for the perfect way to celebrate their partnership and commemorate their love.  For me, this particularly birthday or “anniversary” is the perfect time to pause and reflect upon how far we’ve come and what we’ve managed to build together.

When I think of Cardtorial five years ago, I can’t help but reminisce about:

  • Running to the post office during my lunch break.
  • The uncertainty and eagerness of being an absolute newbie.
  • Doing everything seemingly for the first time.
  • Chatting with store owners on the weekends.
  • Riding home on the bus late at night with my arms full of materials, heading home from another productive night in my shared makerspace.
  • The thrill of talking to my very first customers.

This all sounds rather exciting, but looking back on this time of my life makes me remember how tiring it all was! While some things remain consistent, such as the smell of wood burning, the unique sounds of a laser running, and the unending ups and downs of running a small business, I sit in amazement to think of all that has changed.

This party of one has grown to a beautiful team of six. Cardtorial has grown from an “I” endeavor to a strong “we!” Our team supports each other personally and professionally and each contribute our gifts to making Cardtorial just as great as we all see it in our dreams. We’ve built relationships with hundreds of stores and tens of thousands of customers — whom without, we would not be anywhere! Our studio, where we craft and laser-cut all our products, is home to beautiful wooden goods, creativity, collaboration, laughter, an eclectic mix of music, and only the best in snacks. We are brimming with inspiration, clear in our mission to spread joy amongst loved ones and to celebrate special moments.

To our friends old and new, thank you for sharing a bit of these past five years with us and letting us into your lives. Here’s to many more to come!

With love,