How to be the best wedding guest ever!

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Wedding season is on! You’ve put together your go-to wedding look (Cute, but comfy. Fun, but not too memorable — this dress has six weddings to attend this summer!), booked your tickets to each destination wedding, and are ready for some good times with friends and family. We’re here (with the help of some of our Instagram followers!) to pass along a few tips to make sure you’re the life of the party and finish out the next few months with the ultimate title: World’s Best Wedding Guest!


  1. RSVP ASAP! Whatever you do, don’t lose that invitation. The sooner you RSVP, the happier the couple (and their florist, caterer, baker, event planner…..etc.) will be!
  2. Along those lines: don’t assume that you’ll be able to bring a plus one if your invite wasn’t addressed to “and Guest.” Sometimes your friends want an intimate wedding or inviting more guests simply isn’t in the budget, and respecting their decision is key. Plus, meeting new people at weddings is the best! 
  3. Send a card that won’t get lost in the mix. In the months preceding the big day, at the reception, and in the weeks after, the newlyweds will be inundated with cards. Be sure that your well wishes don’t get lost in the shuffle with one of our unique wooden greeting cards. The sustainable, American-sourced wood will set it apart and make sure it last forever. Add a custom engraved message, from you to the love birds, for an extra special touch! 
  4. Mail your gift directly to the address provided on the registry, preventing any worries about lost presents or the inconvenience of making sure gifts get to the right place on the wedding night. Plus, less for you to carry when the party starts!
  5. Aim to arrive at the ceremony about 30 minutes before it’s set to start. And whatever you do, don’t be late! No one wants to walk in when the bridal procession has already begun (we’re shuddering just thinking about it!).
  6. Pick the perfect gift! You know and love this couple—make sure they see just how much with a present only you could chose for them. Was the bride an English major when you met in college? Our I Carry Your Heart wooden keepsake box is the perfect literary-inspired place for her to store trinkets, cards, and photos from the wedding. Does the groom have an amazing green thumb? We suggest the fun Desert Garden or lovely Floral Heart designs, in that case!




We took to social media to ask our Instagram followers: what makes an amazing wedding guest? We had so much fun reading through so many awesome responses! Here are some of our favorites:


“A great wedding guest will take lots of photos and make a surprise wedding book as a gift for the newlyweds. I also suggest that when you see the bride, you quietly ask her, ‘What can I do for you right now to help you enjoy this day?’ Really, it works!” — Marian, Pennsylvania


[For that lovely surprise photo book Marian suggested, we happen to have the perfect albums! We suggest customizing the cover with an engraved message, like the couple’s names, wedding date and location, or a meaningful quote, to make this sweet surprise extra special.]


“My wedding guests were awesome in conducting a surprise flash mob by learning my favorite song in American Sign Language (I’m deaf).” —Kay-Yun, @blunarwhale, California


“I think an awesome wedding guest should never leave the dance floor empty, to see people enjoy their wedding would definitely make the bride and groom happier.” —@nurdandemir, London


“RSVPs on time and shows up on time. Abides by the dress code.” —@politalabonita, Oakland, CA


“Take pictures! When you’re the bride, you don’t get to hang out with people as much as you want to, so seeing other people’s pictures is so much fun. It’s like reliving the best party from everyone else’s perspective.” —Kimmie, New York City

*Some quotes were edited for length and clarity.

12 Creative Ideas to Fill Your Baby Memory Book!

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Your kids are napping and you finally have a moment of peace and quiet. It’s time to grab your Baby Memory Book and flex those creative muscles! The only question: what are you going to fill this family keepsake with? We put together 12 ideas of creative, fun, and meaningful things to include in your Baby Book, crowdsourced from the Cardtorial team and our own parents, to help make sure you don’t miss a thing from baby’s first year of life! 


  1. A list of popular songs, movies, and TV shows, and current events from the month of your baby’s birth. Tape the front page of the newspaper from the day of her birth within the book’s pages!
  2. Your scratchwork of names you almost named him. (Fun fact: three of the women here at Cardtorial were almost named Hannah…but our parents changed their minds at the last minute! Clearly a pretty popular name for Millenials!)
  3. Your cravings and favorite foods from this pregnancy — the weirder the better! Pickles, sauerkraut, olives… whatever it is, it’ll be a fun anecdote to look back on someday.  
  4. A bundle of letters written to your baby from her parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, and close family friends.
  5. The answer to this adorable question: do people say you look more like Mommy or Daddy?
  6. Describe in detail the moment you realized you were pregnant — what was going through your mind? How did you feel? How did you share the news with your partner? And tape in those ultrasound photos, if you have them!
  7. A list of your baby’s favorite foods each month! Sweet potatoes & bananas might not seem like super exciting content, but trust us—it’ll be adorable to remember your little one’s favorites in a few short years.
  8. The titles of some of the books you read them early in life. For an avid reader, being able to look back on their earliest favorite books will be precious.
  9. Their first work of art— whip up some edible finger paints, a safe way for your little one to explore their artistic side. Since paper is probably going to get ripped up or eaten, let her paint on a safe, easily cleanable surface, then simply place a piece of paper on top of the creation, smooth, and peel away to save their first masterpiece. Very cute for any future art school graduation announcements!  
  10. Some of your favorite “Congratulations!” cards and notes from loved ones. You’ll receive tons of them, but a handful will be particularly moving and deserve to be saved.
  11. Your hospital band!
  12. A description of your baby’s first laugh. When was it? What were they laughing at? How did you feel hearing your little one express pure joy? This might seem like a simple one, but trust us: it’s going to mean so much in the years to come!


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Meet our brand new Baby Memory Books!

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We’ve been so excited to introduce you to a brand new member of the Cardtorial family, one of our favorite products ever: our Baby Memory Books!

We put a great deal of love, time, and care into designing what we believe is the perfect Baby Memory Book for you and your family! Each handmade book features one of two adorable cover designs — Dear Little One and May You Grow. The forty pages inside are filled with thoughtful prompts and designated spaces for family photos and trinkets. One of our favorite parts? A super charming, yet totally modern hand painted watercolor design, which graces each page of the book.

Six Months Spread.jpg

Our Baby Memory Book is super customizable, making sure that each book is completely personal to you and your family (even if this becomes your go-to keepsake for each of your kiddos—you’ll always create a totally unique keepsake about and for him or her!).

We wrote the prompts to be super open ended—if you’re the type of person who feels right at home with a glue gun in hand, there’s a ton of room to be creative with what you write and include in your child’s book. However, we also created something fool-proof (AKA great for the mom who has never even thought about visiting the scrapbooking aisle!).

Dear Little One Spread.jpg

Helping you preserve memories and celebrate the people you love most have always been two core tenets of our design philosophy here at Cardtorial. Creating a book that allows you to preserve your child’s earliest memories—a true selfless act of love, in what can often be a very chaotic time of life—felt like a truly natural fit for us!

Our hope is that this Baby Memory Book becomes a treasured family heirloom and a meaningful gift for your child in the next 18, 21, or even 30 years of their life and beyond…a book of memories to last many lifetimes!

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Mother’s Day is this weekend, can you believe it? Oh, how time flies!


We’re so happy to bring you our fourth and final installment of our Letters to Mom series! We asked 11 awesome moms to share a letter to their own mother or a mother-figure in their life, celebrating what makes their family unique and what lessons they hope to pass on to their own children. We’ve been so moved by the incredible tributes to mothers, mother-figures, and children that these wonderful women have shared with us. Thank you for following along and being a part of a campaign so near and dear to our hearts!


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“Growing up, I didn’t know my father, but I was lucky to be raised by strong women. My mom and grandmother have always taught me to be brave in the midst of life’s challenges. I couldn’t have asked for better role models for my dear girl. Mom, thank you for teaching me strength and courage. I already see these qualities developing in Emma; she is unyielding, fearless, and passionate! I hope to fill this memory box from @cardtorial with photos of Emma’s childhood adventures and love letters from me.”  –Arriane, of @arriane




“I’ve been blessed with a mother who has the biggest heart. Growing up, she would always read and sing to me. A favorite song was, ‘You Are My Sunshine.’ She’s always stressed how important it is to read and sing to the little ones to stimulate their brain. This is something I’ve always tried to make sure I do with my children every day. Having the opportunity to give her grandchildren and watch her open her heart and show my babies so much love has been the best.” –Sheila, of @sheilamadrigal


With less than one week until Mother’s Day, we’re so happy to bring you our third installment of Letters to Mom! We asked 11 awesome moms to share a letter to their own mother or a mother-figure in their life, celebrating what makes their family unique and what lessons they hope to pass on to their own children.


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“To my Mama—

Where do I even begin??? Do I begin with what a strong beautiful woman you are inside and out? Do I begin with the all of the memories I hold so close my heart from growing up and you are always in them? Do I begin with you supporting me in times you probably were not 100% sure about?

Thank you for trusting me in all of those moments. All of those times have shaped me into who I am today and this life that I am living. You are the best of the best and I am so lucky to call you mine. You have taught me more than you will ever know and I am thankful for that every day. Also, it makes my heart so full that Riley loves you just as much as I do. I won the mom lottery and I hope you always know that! I love you Mama!” —Jules, of @lawnparty




“My darlings, my prayer for you is that you love others with all your heart, as Christ first loved us. That you stand firm in what you believe in and fight for what is right. That you know that you were fearfully and wonderfully made. I pray that you are a light to all the darkness around you. That you choose kindness over anger. And that you know you always have a place to call home. My arms will always be open. My ears will always be there to listen. I’ll wipe away your tears and help you fight your battles. I’m so proud to be your mother and call you my own. My greatest privilege is loving you and your father and being your mama is my greatest joy. ✨

🌿 Memory box is from Cardtorial that I’m filling with letters like this one above to give to my children when they are grown ✨” —Julianna, of @my_wildflowers




“Before I had Oliver, I thought I knew what being a mom would be like. What I didn’t expect were all the late nights taking care of a sick baby, surviving off only a few hours of sleep every night, the worry, the fears & most of all, the indescribable love you have for another human being. Even though I was grateful for you, Mom, I didn’t realize the sacrifices you made for us & the love your mama heart felt. So, Mom, everything I am, you helped me to be & for that, I am forever thankful for YOU. This beautiful frame made from alderwood is from one of my favorite shops, Cardtorial! Every item is truly meaningful & perfect for Mother’s Day.”  —Lisa, of @darlingnightingale





The Cardtorial Mother’s Day Gift Guide is here!

She’s your best friend, your confidant, and your #1 fan…and all since day one! We love Mother’s Day here at Cardtorial, so we rounded up some of our favorite gift ideas for your mom or a mother-figure in your life. We found something for every mom—each and every one of our suggestions comes from a fellow small business, and has been tested and checked out in person by our team, so you can feel good about your purchase! Read on to find something great…but just a warning to our Cardtorial team moms: maybe sit this one out until after May 13th (AKA Mother’s Day this year!).

Influencer 2_ @raising.little.women.jpg
Photo by @raising.little.women

I Carry Your Heart Wood Box [pictured above]
Your mom is a collector. She still brings out baby photos, kindergarten artwork, and souvenirs from family vacations whenever you visit—you name it, your mom keeps it. She’s the family historian at this point! So what’s the perfect gift for the mom who collects everything? A beautiful, handmade wooden keepsake box to store it all in…you can even customize it for an extra special touch.

gift grid @mgreenwoodjams 2.JPG

M.Greenwood Jams
To taste M.Greenwood Jams is to love M.Greenwood Jams! We had the chance to sample a wide variety of this talented, super sweet mother/daughter duo’s offerings, and we were so impressed by every flavor. With both sweet and savory options, their unique creations are the perfect gift for a foodie mom, maybe even one who’s hard to shop for. We recommend Summerberry (one of their most popular flavors, made with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries) or Sunshine (made with carrots, orange, and tumeric). Yum!


Botanical Frame
We’ve all been there: it’s the night before Mother’s Day and you realize you totally blanked on a gift. You run to the drugstore, grab a cheap frame, and print the first family photo you can find. Not this year! You know your mom deserves the best. Instead, take time to find the perfect photo, to show off in a beautifully engraved frame made to last as long her love for you. With 14 frame designs to choose from, there’s a pattern to fit any mom’s style!


Mama Elephant Greeting Card
Did you know that elephant families are matriarchal? That means that moms lead the herd! We bet the same is true in your family (because it’s true in ours, too!). Celebrate the leader of your herd (your mama, of course!) with this super cute card.

gift grid @pfcandleco.JPG

P.F. Candle Co. Soy Candles
One of our longtime favorites, there’s a reason P.F. Candle Co. is a classic: we have yet to meet a single person who doesn’t LOVE their scents and cool design aesthetic. Whether your mom is a Teakwood & Tobacco (a musky, bold scent) or Amber & Moss (clean and bright) kind of lady, she’ll love their soy candles, reed diffusers, or room sprays.


Big Dipper Greeting Card
Do you live far away from your mom? It can be so hard, we completely understand! Let her know that you’re always thinking of her—no matter the distance—with this beautiful keepsake card.


Made in Mayhem Jackie Wallet 
Want to gift your mom with something she can use every single day? We suggest the Jackie Wallet by Made in Mayhem, a handcrafted leather goods company based right here in California. And since you probably know how we feel about customization here at Cardtorial (…we LOVE it), we think it’s super special that you can have your mom’s initials embossed on any item for an additional $10.

J.PAT.41 (3).jpg

Ranunculus Journal
For the mom who has a way with words…or simply needs a lovely place to jot down her to-do lists, our Ranunculus journal is the perfect gift. Featuring an elegant floral design that fits any style, this wooden journal is built to last through even the most furious brainstorming sessions.


Gopi Shah Handmade Ceramic Mug 
If you want to give your mom something that’s totally unique and will last a lifetime (but still doesn’t break the bank), we’ve found it: a set of handmade mugs (we love the Speckled Crisscross design) from Long Beach, CA-based ceramicist Gopi Shah Ceramics. Special enough to make her daily coffee ritual feel indulgent, this mug will serve as a reminder each morning of your love and appreciation for her. (And another important feature for busy moms: they’re microwave and dishwasher safe! Woo!)

color necklace.JPG

Zoe Comings Jewelry
We love Zoe Comings handcrafted, ceramic jewelry; it’s dainty enough to be worn everyday and for every occasion, yet unique and lovely enough to make the wearer feel special. Each necklace and pair of earrings feels like a small treasure, but at an affordable price point, making them the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Mother’s Day Letters to Mom: Part II

With only three weeks until Mother’s Day, we’re so happy to bring you our second installment of Letters to Mom! We asked 11 awesome moms to share a letter to their own mother or a mother-figure in their life, celebrating what makes their family unique and what lessons they hope to pass on to their own children.


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“I pray that Oliver and Maribelle will remember these moments spent in our little home. That they’ll remember the times we stopped to see their Lego car or to read a new library book, all curled up in this bed, putting their happiness before social media. That they’ll remember the way we apologized and hugged it out when times got tough or feelings were muddled. The times around our tiny dinette when we sang together and laughed through shared meals. That they’ll think back fondly of when we spent time parked in their grandmama’s yard, learning to ride bikes, or at memom’s drinking tea and exploring their property. Simple bits of our days that add up to something bigger — the threads holding together our family values. This wooden box is a place to house those reminders of what we hold dear, adding to it through life’s adventures.” Demi-Brooke, of @demibrooke




“With Mother’s Day around the corner, I wanted to take a moment to thank the two women in my life who have been a model of some of the greatest qualities I hope to emulate as a mother & pass on to my babies. I’ll never find the words to do these women justice, but the mother I am today is greatly influenced by both of them.


Dear Mom,
Your sense of independence & intuition have forever served as an example of what a woman is capable of. When the days are long with my husband away at work, I channel your strength. I think, ‘What would my mom do?’ & I feel empowered. I don’t know how you managed to do everything you have done in your life while raising three children, for many years on your own, but I am forever in awe of you. In my spare moments, I tap into your entrepreneurial spirit & thrive in my creative outlets. You have taught me to maintain my own identity & to seize my talents. You take risks, act with bravery & follow your heart; I hope my babies can learn those same traits from me over the years. Thank you for being the strongest woman I know.


Dear Mother-In-Law,
You are the epitome of devotion & nurture. You have taken me in as your own daughter & have taught me many things about motherhood. You encourage me to savor & embrace all the moments of motherhood. When I’m feeling exhausted I hear your voice in my head ‘remember the lasts’ & I am reminded that one day my heart will ache for the time I am living in now, to have one more opportunity to rock my baby to sleep. You are tirelessly at the service those you love, from your hospice patients to your family. You have taught me, through your actions, that nothing in life is more valuable than time spent with loved ones. I aspire to love others with the same depths that you do. Thank you for raising the man I call my husband & for welcoming me into your family with open arms.” —Brittany, of @brittanyviklund




“Mother’s Day is fast approaching (how is it already mid-April?!) and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the mother figures in my life. So when Cardtorial asked me to write a bit about my mother, I was happy to do it! She has taught me so much by her example of giving, hard work, and unconditional love. All traits I hope I will be able to pass down to my children. I still can’t figure out how she home-schooled five of us and still kept the house running smoothly!”  —Marlys, of @mama_endo