New Product Line: Wedding Guestbooks!

19 Feb

To properly kick off 2015, we’ve launched a whole batch of brand new cards, prints, boxes and TWO new product lines. Today, we’re focusing on the first new product collection: wedding guestbooks!

mr and mrs wedding guestbook made of wood

The new wooden wedding guestbook line features a total of eight gorgeous designs hand lettered by the talented Nicole Santos. Each guestbook measures 8″x10″ and is filled with 50 blank white linen pages. Handcrafted, laser cut and bound in our Los Angeles studio, all our wood wedding guestbooks have 100 percent certified sustainable American hardwood covers. What exactly does all this mean? In a nutshell, Cardtorial wedding guest books are eco-friendly, beautiful and crafted to last a lifetime.

Take a look at all of our real wood wedding guestbooks and let us know which design you like the most!

From top left to bottom right:

To Love & To Cherish // To Have & To Hold // Mrs. and Mrs. // & the Rest is History // Love is Patient Love is Kind // Mr. and Mrs. // Ever After // Mr. and Mr.

Brush Lettering Workshop with Nicole Santos!

20 Jan

oh hello friend workshop

About two weeks ago, I attended my very first Oh Hello Friend workshop with one of Cardtorial’s talented designers, Nicole Santos! She’s the amazing artist behind all six of our wedding albums (a brand new product line), as well as a number of our cards, prints and journals. Here are a few of her designs:

Nicole & the OHF team did a beautiful job setting up the workshop space. They had a cute setup for refreshments and a gorgeous table setting. Each seat had a hand lettered jumbo envelope with a participant’s name on it, a hand bound notebook, a packet of instructions and a bundle of pens.

brush lettering workshop

After hearing a little about Nicole’s background, we dived straight into using her trusty brush marker — the Copic sketch marker! At first, we practiced drawing straight lines with a heavy start and a light finish. When we got the hang of that, we practiced lowercase L’s, starting with a heavy stroke down and a light stroke up. She compared these strokes to “breath strokes,” with a heavy-down, light-up flow. As we worked, she came around to make sure everyone was getting comfortable with the exercises.

brush lettering strokes

Once we got the hang of that, Nicole had us begin tracing a hand lettered alphabet (provided in our packet). After a brief demonstration, she let us practice, practice and practice on three variations of the alphabet.

Nicole Santos lettering

Nicole’s papers


lettering cardtorial

My papers

I had a phenomenal time at the workshop. Though I wasn’t exactly a pro when I left, I definitely felt like I had the tools to become one! Nicole emphasized at the beginning that brush lettering is a work of art, and that everyone’s style is different but equally beautiful. I highly recommend taking a class with her if you ever get the chance (especially if it’s at the Oh Hello Friend shop)!


8 Highlights from Cardtorial in 2014

6 Jan

Last year was an amazing year for Cardtorial. We experienced so many new things, from relocating the studio to Downtown Los Angeles to having a booth at Unique LA and RCF. Here’s a look back at some of our highlights from 2014:



April: released great new cards just in time for Father’s Day and graduation season! Every year, we make it a goal to  continue expanding our wooden postcard collections. With new cards for your love, moms, dads (not just any cards — shaped cards!), and cards for birthdays, everyday, baby and the holidays, we’d like to think we accomplished our goal. :)

– May: launched The Stuffed Envelope. We had so much fun collaborating with fellow creatives and makers on this project. Have you seen the envelope? It’s gorgeous!

– June: officially moved to Downtown Los Angeles! The Arts District is a huge source of inspiration for us, and we’re incredibly thankful for our great neighbors.

– August: featured in OC Metro magazine! The incredible business magazine highlighted Cardtorial’s OC roots, SF launch and LA move, and spotlighted Cardtorial’s uniquely creative approach to stationery and gifts. We also rounded up our American cities print collection — beautifully hand lettered by Anna Frederick.

– September: traveled up to SF to attend Nearly Impossible. It was an incredible experience that left Yvonne filled with inspiration and tons of motivation! This month, we also unveiled our newest product: wooden keepsake boxes. Made of walnut and alder wood, these boxes make great gifts for weddings, baby showers, anniversaries and much more!

– December: had an incredible holiday show season! Working on weekends (especially during the holiday season) is always tough, but we’re so glad we put in so much effort. The turnout was phenomenal — the best we’ve ever had!

2014 is going to be a hard year to beat, but we’re hoping that even more amazing things happen in 2015!

2014 Holiday Show Roundup!

27 Dec

Renegade Craft Fair SF Holiday Banner

Unique LA Holiday Market Banner

Renegade Craft Fair LA Holiday Banner

Thank you for the amazing holiday shows, San Francisco & Los Angeles! We had a ton of fun and couldn’t have asked for a better time. The Cardtorial team loved discovering new brands and meeting fellow small businesses at the markets this year.

Unique LA was one of the shows that really stood out this year. It was the first year we opted for a full booth (instead of a table) and we’re so glad we did it! Our #1 priority was to make sure our booth drew people in. We made sure had clear aisles for attendees to wander through, put more products on display, framed our prints for an extra classy touch and even added some fresh holiday decorations. Our roses were blooming during the show — so perfect!

Cardtorial at Unique LA

Going the extra mile with the display was definitely more time-consuming than our usual setup, but overall a great experience. We’d like to think our booth got packed with traffic because of the gorgeous display and awesome team ;)

Cardtorial wooden holiday gifts

Booths seem to help get us more traffic, because we had an even crazier weekend after Unique, at Renegade LA!

Cardtorial at Renegade Craft Fair Los Angeles

Our Amazing Things Will Happen journal sold out in practically two hours on day one and at the end of that first day, Yvonne had to head back to the studio to make more goodies because so many products sold out!

Amazing Things Will Happen Wooden Journal

Amazing things did happen, thanks to the amazing people of SF and LA! And special thanks to the team at Renegade and Unique — you’re all awesome. ♥

Meet the Cardtorial Team: Maxine

12 Nov

Hi All! I’m scribing on behalf of Maxine today. We interviewed her in the office the other day for this blog post. Maxine is one of our lovely, indispensable studio hands!

Cardtorial studio

How long have you been working with Cardtorial?

A few months — I started in the summer.

What are your responsibilities?

Whatever Yvonne says! Haha. When I’m in the studio, I’m in charge of making these amazing cards! I also help with shipping retail and wholesale orders. Shipping may seem like the most basic/straightforward task, and in some instances it can be. But with so many SKUs, different customers and domestic and international orders, it gets complicated quickly and I know first hand fulfilling orders takes a lot of time and effort.

What big, long-term goals do you have for the brand?

I want to be able to walk into a store —one of my go-to stores for products that are unique, cute and handmade— and see Cardtorial there. I want to see Cardtorial everywhere! :)

What do you enjoy the most about working with Cardtorial?

I’ve enjoyed learning how to work independently in the studio, be resourceful and self sufficient. It’s been interesting watching Yvonne figure out how to make things or tackle tasks she’s never done before and I’m carrying that resourcefulness into my life outside of the studio.

What are your favorite Cardtorial goodies?

Man, that’s a hard one. I love a lot of the products that are very simple, but with great messages. Eat Cake for Breakfast might be my favorite card. I love the journals because they are totally inspirational.

What inspires you?

Nature. Travel. There is little that is more beautiful than what we find naturally.

And a random fun fact.

I want to own a Chipotle one day! (Also, Maxine loves Michael Jackson)

Behind the Scenes Cardtorial

Cardtorial: Holiday Show Schedule 2014

5 Nov

We’re hitting the road this holiday season and coming to a craft fair near you! This week, we’re heading north for the fun-filled Renegade Craft Fair in SF!! Yvonne’s super excited to be back in San Fran, the city where she first started Cardtorial. In December, two of our weekends will be dedicated to craft shows: Dec. 6–7 for Unique LA & Dec. 13–14 for RCF LA. We can’t wait to meet some new friends and show off our newest Cardtorial goodies! Be sure to let us know if you’ll be at any of the shows so we can stay on the lookout for you!!

Renegade Craft Fair SF Holiday Banner

Renegade San Francisco!

Unique LA Holiday Market Banner

Cardtorial at Unique LA Holiday Market

Renegade Craft Fair LA Holiday Banner

Renegade Los Angeles!

Will we see you soon? :)

Friday Favorites: Halloween Edition!

31 Oct

Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween!! Isn’t it funny how all the big holidays fall on a Friday this year (July 4th, Valentine’s Day…)? We think it’s only fitting that we pull together a Friday Favorites dedicated to celebrating this special, spooky holiday! :)


Have you checked out Etsy’s Seller Handbook? They have the best articles on starting up and successful growing a small business. This holiday season, they’re encouraging sellers to build buyer loyalty & provide great tips on how to do so!

Halloween milkshakes

We’ve seen candy corn jello shots and pumpkin spice everything, but A Beautiful Mess’ spooky milkshake recipes are the quirkiest and most adorable recipes we’ve found this year! The best part: you can make these all year round.

DIY trick or treat bags

Why buy generic plastic Halloween pumpkins when you can make your own trick-or-treat bags? Brit + Co has an awesome round up of 11 DIY trick-or-treat bags that you can make for today.

Halloween fonts

Two of Paper Crave’s Hand Lettered Love #48 roundup a couple weeks back featured some Halloween inspiration. We promise you’ll feel inspired after checking out the other four!

All this talk of Halloween makes us realize that we don’t have any Halloween-themed Cardtorial cards! What would you like to see us design?


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