Friday Favorites, 8/8

This week, we’ve been focused on getting a few big shipments out before packing up and heading to New York. NYNOW, one of our biggest trade shows of the year, starts in a little over a week! In case you haven’t heard of trade shows: it’s basically an event for businesses (like Cardtorial and Rifle Paper Co.) to sell products to other businesses. Buyers from large businesses (like Target and Anthropologie) or even small boutiques (like Urbanic) go to trade shows to find products to sell in their shops.

VSCO Cardtorial NY NOW
Yvonne taking shots for our NYNOW summer mailer!


And yes, Yvonne took the shots for them all by herself!! We ordered about 500 or so, and got all of them mailed out this week. Though most of the legwork for NYNOW has been done, we’re still feeling some pre-show jitters. Wish us luck, please!

Sidenote: don’t worry, we’ll show off our mailers on Facebook soon!! 😉

– We’re completely in love with Oh So Beautiful Paper’s newest monthly column: desktop downloads! What’s not to love about fresh, beautiful and usable illustrations?

– This past Monday, we featured Sheryl Sandberg’s inspirational TEDTalk. Design*Sponge rounded up some of her favorite motivational videos as well that speak to the creativity in all of us.

– Think that big businesses have the advantage over small businesses when it comes to hiring? Think again!

– Need to relief from the summer heat? Try making a chai latte popsicle at home — it’s delicious and cool!


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