8 Timeless Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Your 2015 guide to celebrating Mother’s Day!

Here at Cardtorial, we love celebrating special (and everyday) occasions. If you haven’t made any plans for Mother’s Day yet, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few of our favorite Mother’s Day gifts that will last a lifetime:

1. Simple Scrapbook

mini scrapbook
via BHG

Scrapbooking doesn’t have to be difficult! It’s simple to put together and can be as meaningful as you want it to be.

2. Customized Photo Frame

via Oh Happy Day
via Oh Happy Day

If you’re a little more handy with tools, try your hand at this beautiful picture frame. Hand letter your mother’s name on the matboard, and voila!

3. Handmade Flowers

via 100 Layer Cake

Even those they aren’t the real deal, these paper roses will last a whole lot longer. They don’t even need much maintenance… maybe just some light dusting once in a while 😉

4. Personalized Mug

DIY sharpie mug
via Living Well Spending Less

Sharpie mugs have been all the rage on Pinterest. Get inspired and make your own for Mother’s Day!

5. DIY Coasters

via The Gourmet Gab
via The Gourmet Gab

Though these take a little more skill, these handmade coasters are the perfect match for personalized mugs (or any other cups your mom might already have)! Bonus: you can finally replace your old scrabble tiles that have been worn out or, more importantly, gone missing.

6. Painted Vase

via Live Laugh Rowe
via Live Laugh Rowe

Who doesn’t love mason jars? We’re sure your mom will love our versatile and beautiful these repurposed jars are.

7. Wooden Card

happy mother's day card
via Cardtorial

Skip over the paper and give your mother a card made of real wood! Choose from 21 different designs to find the perfect one.

8. Keepsake Box

wood keepsake box for mom
via Cardtorial

Designed to be filled with memories, these gorgeous wooden boxes are made of real American hardwoods and laser cut with intricate artwork.

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day this year? We’d love to hear about your gift ideas in the comments below! 

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